Quizzing It Up

You know how there are some things that some people love but that others sincerely hate?  Annoying Facebook quizzes can be one of those things.  Personally, I love them.  I am not sure whether it is nosiness, a look into others lives, or just plain immaturity, but I love reading them.  So rather than share about Kinsley’s 3rd ear infection she was just diagnosed with or how many times we are having to discipline Emerson a day for tantrums, talking back to us, lying, and everything else a 3 year old chooses to do to torture their parents, I will leave you with a few Facebook quizzes (and some commentary by yours truly 🙂 )

******WITHOUT any prompting, ask your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend these questions & write down EXACTLY what they say. It’s great & funny. The outcome can be hilarious…

Husbands name: Ed Hetzel

What is something I always say to you?
“What in the world?”

What makes me happy?
Quiet time or time alone

What makes me sad?
Death (while this is true, this was seriously his answer?!?  I must be a happy person)

What was I like as a child?
I don’t know..I wasn’t with you

How old am I?

How tall am I?

What’s my favorite thing to do?
Something crafty or reading

What do I do when you are not around?
Watching the kids

If I become famous, what will it be for?
Some new craft idea

What am I good at?

What am I not good at?
Dealing with 3 fussy kids

How are you & I the same?
Our willingness to surrender to the Lord and do what he wants us to do

When is our anniversary?
May 21

Do you think you could live with me forever?
I don’t have a choice.  Followed quickly by yes. (He almost wrecked it all on this one question 😉 )

How do I annoy you?
Interrupting me.

What is your favorite thing about about me?
Fun and easygoing but can also accomplish a lot and handle a lot

***Bucket List – please play along. You’ll be surprised at the responses. Put an X if you have done it. This was fun. I enjoy seeing my friends respond, too.

Fired a Gun X
Been Married X
Fell in love X
Swam in an ocean X
Gone on blind date X
Skipped school X
Watched someone give birth X
Been to Canada
Been to Hawaii
Been to Europe X
Been to Washington D.C.
Been to Nashville X
Been to Australia
Visited Florida X
Visited Mexico X
Seen the Grand Canyon in person X
Flown in a helicopter X
Been on a cruise X
Served on a jury
Been in a movie
Been to Los Angeles
Been to New York City X
Played in a band
Sang karaoke X
Made prank phone calls X
Laughed so much you cried X
Caught a snowflake on your tongue X
Had children X
Had a pet X
Been sledding on big hill X
Been downhill skiing X
Been water skiing X
Rode on a motorcycle X
Jumped out of a plane
Been to a drive-in movie X
Rode an elephant
Been on TV
Been in newspaper X
Stayed in Hospital X
Donated blood X
Gotten a piercing X
Gotten a tattoo
Driven a stick shift vehicle X (Does trying count?)
Driven over 100 mph
Been scuba diving or snorkeling X
Lived on your own X
Rode in the front of police car X
Got a speeding ticket X


Hospital Mania – Round 2

Around our house, some weeks are pretty slow, monotonous, and boring.  Some weeks are pretty eventful, full, and crazy.  This past week was the latter.

Our schedule has been pretty packed meeting with people and sharing about our move to NYC, which has been exciting, fun, and pretty amazing to see God work.  On Wednesday, though, right after an appointment, our week took a slightly different turn.

At the appointment, we noticed that Blake was acting real fussy and grunted a few times like he was constipated.  When we left, on the way home, Ed observed that he was breathing fast and pulling in hard to breathe.  We grabbed dinner, came home, and continued to watch him, realizing that the grunting was actually him taking deep breaths to try and keep up.  So, in an effort to avoid the ER after 5 on a weekday, we took him to Urgent Care.  They rushed us back, gave him a breathing treatment, and watched him.  After seeing no change, they made us go straight to the ER (wanted us to take an ambulance but we vetoed that expense).

After waiting forever at the ER (there was a reason we were avoiding it after 5 on a weekday), they brought us back and noticed how fast and hard he was breathing and that he had a wet cough.  They also gave us a breathing treatment, a steroid, and gave him medicine to bring his high fever down.  After watching us for a long time in the ER, the doctor diagnosed him with bronchiolitis (not sure if it was RSV or not as they didn’t test him for it since the treatment is the same) and said he is more susceptible because of having it when he was 7 weeks old.  The doctor said “Well, he is not well enough to go home, but he is not well enough to stay”.  What does that mean for us then?

After talking with the doctors, we decided that it was best to keep him to observe him overnight to make sure his breathing didn’t get worse.  After spending the night on the pediatric floor and noticing that his breathing hadn’t improved but hadn’t gotten worse, they sent us home to watch him from there.  He had a little breathing spell Saturday where we worried we may have to take him back in, but his breathing slowed down and we stayed away from the dreaded ER.  He does have a lingering cough that could last a few weeks, but since that night it all happened, no coughing and no super fast breathing.  I am not 100% convinced that there isn’t some asthma or allergy stuff mixed in, since there were no previous cold symptoms and haven’t been any after that night.  But hey, what do I know?

We are thankful for doctors, we are thankful for prayers, and we are thankful he didn’t worsen and hasn’t had to go back to the hospital.  After staying overnight twice in the last month, I told Blake that if he had to go back, he could drive himself 🙂  Also, do you know how difficult it is to deal with a 16 month old in the hospital who is sick but not super sick and doesn’t act like they are super sick?  Man, its a beast.  Add to it staying up past bedtime and albuterol which hypes them up, and we had a wild man on our hands.

Now could you pray that our family stays well and that we are able to continue going on appointments?  We had to cancel 2 because of the hospital mess, and while that is all fine, we don’t want to set a precedent of this happening.   Thanks for your prayers and texts and calls and concerns – we definitely felt cared for and loved.


Latest Happenings

We are officially in full swing meeting with people and growing our team of ministry partners.  It has been very busy, but very good.  However, even in the midst of lots of phone calls, meetings, and appointments, we have been managing to have lots of fun as well.  Here are a few things we have been doing lately:

1.  Visiting Fire Stations – First, we went with our Moms Group at church to the Fuquay Varina Fire Station.  The kids loved seeing the men put on their gear, talk about fire safety, show them where they sleep, and let them ride on the truck.  We even got to make them some Thank You cards and sweet treats to show them our appreciation.

Then, the next week, our good friend had part of his birthday party at another fire station. This time, the girls enjoyed the same things, but also got to sit in an ambulance.  So fun!

2.  Working on Cars – We have been having lots of car trouble around here – steering wheels detaching, wheels not turning, etc., so Ed had to spend a lot of time working on them.  I just loved this picture so I had to share.

3.  Walk for Life – We got to join with our church and participate in Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center’s Walk for Life.  The girls ran in the Kid’s Run and I ran the 5k.  It was a trail run, after lots of rain, so it was a little rough to run, and the hills were killer.  But it was fun to run with friends and to get my fitness on.  Notice the weird look on my face/mouth?  I was definitely saying, “You better not be taking a picture of me” to my friend.  She so did anyways.

4.  Yard Sale! – We had our first big yard sale to get rid of lots of things before moving.  We didn’t have a lot of big items, but we had TONS of small ones.  We did really well, all things considering, and a huge, huge thank you to Lisa and Sandra for coming to help me out since Ed had to tend to the kids.  We had a great time and got rid of lots of stuff – a win-win!!  Here are my little helpers overseeing the yard sale from their rocking chairs eating their biscuits 🙂

5.  Strawberry Picking – Today was the first day in a week that we didn’t have appointments, so we decided to take advantage of this short break and take the kids strawberry picking.  The kids LOVED it and we enjoyed great family time.  Kinsley searched for the largest ones to pick and was preoccupied with making sure they were ripe and ready, Emerson spent her time eating them more than picking, and Blake was just interested in the leaves.  Who said that every kid is different?  They were SO right!