Is she a fish?

Kinsley LOVES the water!!!  Sometimes I think she may be a fish!!  We have swam in my parents’ pool almost every day since being in Georgetown and she still isn’t tired of it.  It is amazing to see how much better she swims since the first time we were here (with her life vest of course!) and she will go from one side of the pool to the other with no fear.  So, to give her a change of scenery, we took her to Splash Island Waterpark in Mount Pleasant, SC.  She loved the slides, lazy river (lazy loop more accurately described it), and the water fountains that shot up out of the ground.  Here are a few pics of her enjoying the waterpark:

We are still in Georgetown this week meeting with current and potential ministry partners.  We have seen the Lord do some amazing things and bring in monthly support from literally out of nowhere, and are excited that we are halfway to our goal we set for the summer that will lead to us being 100% funded.  Keep praying for this as we continue to meet with people and head home next week.  The Lord owns all the money in the world we are confident he can bring in what we need to finish off our support!

Traveling Around the World

Okay, well maybe I am exaggerating when I say when we have been traveling the world, but we have been traveling A LOT!!!  We just got back from Orlando this past Sunday, and are in Georgetown, SC now meeting with current and potential ministry partners.

We traveled to Orlando for a week for our ministry team leader training that we are doing this summer (it has 4 weeks of online stuff and 1 week in Orlando) and it was so encouraging, challenging, and informative.  We are really excited to put into practice all we have been learning about leading a team and students, developing the funds necessary for our team to reach our scope, and reaching different ethnic groups on campus.  We met some great MTL’s from all around the country, learned to love the rain (who said Florida is always sunny??!!??) and even tried Puerto Rican food for the first time ever!!  Ed and I are picky eaters, but I have to say we really enjoyed it!  We also are excited that the Lord gave us a renewed excitement and passion for what we are doing and the vision of what He can do at all 36 of our campuses in Eastern North Carolina.  It is such a privilege that we get to be used by the Lord to reach out to campuses that may have no other Christian ministries on campus – especially when you think about those campuses being filled with students who don’t know the Lord or students who know the Lord but want to make an impact and aren’t sure how to do that.  We were those students in college and the Lord used a staff member in our lives to begin to transform our hearts and minds and we are excited that we get to do the same to others!

While we were gone, Kinsley stayed with my parents (April) and had a blast!!  She had something new and fun to do everyday – swimming in their pool, going to the beach, feeding the fish in their pond, catching fish in their pond, going down a slide they got for her, swinging, petting the horse that lives next door, and who knows what else!!  We were so ready to see her when it was all over, and I would say she was ready to see us as well.  The last few days before we got back, she kept pointing to planes in the sky and saying “Mommy and Daddy”.  She is such a fun little girl who a big heart who keeps life interesting and we are so glad to be reunited with her!  I am going to try and keep better record of the funny things she is starting to say to share them with ya’ll, because boy, she makes us laugh!

Here are a few pics of her that my mom took while we were gone (the first two are from our trip to the Children’s Museum in Raleigh before we left):

Eating Carrots and Ranch Dressing!








Enjoying a snack by the pool!








Eating a cupcake in her Minnie Mouse bathing suit