Counting my blessings

In full honesty, life is hard right now. It’s not that God isn’t sustaining us, or that we aren’t in the Word and being reminded of truth like He is in control, or that we don’t have hope, because He is, we are, and we do. But I also believe we can hold on to the truth and cling tight to Jesus and still grieve and lament and feel sadness. Psalms is a great example of just that.

Today, I want to share with you things that have brought us happiness these last few weeks.

Small walks and scoots around the block, even if we have to wear masks (or fight toddlers to wear them!).

Enjoying our small backyard where we can go mask-less. It has become a little haven for our family in a lot of uncertainity.

Getting to learn and do school, even at a distance. And while I HATE preschool (oh the cutting and preparation required for a 10 minute lesson), and remote learning hasn’t been without kinks, the kids are learning and happy (well, most of the time) and healthy. And their teachers are doing a FABULOUS job with the hand they have been dealt.

This was posted by one of the women in our small group. Fam says it all. Love this family that has become a lifeline in this precarious time.

Funny memes – this has to be one of my favorites. Seriously, talk dirty to me, tell me about the good times…

While Easter festivities looked a little different this year, our kids still got to enjoy most of them. We dyed eggs, did an egg hunt in our little yard, watched our church service online, watched the kids service online along with doing their fun activities, and talked with family and friends through FaceTime. We even took our family Easter pic, Corona style. Including a debut of our beautiful masks that a lady from NC made us. The Lord has allowed us to see lots of glimpses of his providing for us – these masks, Ed’s brother shipping us hand sanitizer from NC, someone from our church delivering a bag of goodies for the kiddos, a friend finding toilet paper on Amazon and shipping it to us, another friend giving us a few masks and gloves until we could get more. So thankful!

I have said it before and will say it again, I am so thankful for this little house that we were able to start renting 1.5 years ago. Thankfully, we have a basement where Ed has been able to work AND we had room to say yes to storing all these supplies that are waiting to be delivered to the hospital. We got involved with this group that is providing SO many things to hospitals in Queens – blankets, pillows, phone chargers (so patients can stay connected to family since they can’t see them), snacks, keurigs, coffee, meals, girl scout cookies, personal protective equipment, and so much more. The hospitals only have so much storage space so we are storing things people have donated and will transport to the hospital once or twice a week. So grateful for all those working on the front lines and want to be a part of caring/supporting/supplying things for them the best way we can. So grateful we can live out in a small way Jesus’ command to love our neighbors.