For the last two and a half weeks, our house has been on the market.  The first week, NOBODY came!  Our real estate agent insured us not to panic and that sometimes this kind of thing happens the first week.  While our job, ministry, and life depends on trusting the Lord to show up and make the impossible possible, we still struggled with waiting when absolutely nothing was happening.  So, we prayed and waited and prayed and waited. The second week, we had 7 showings (with two of those being a second showing).  While we were grateful for all of these showings, I can definitely testify that keeping a house is showing order is much harder with a little one running around.

After the second second showing, we got a call from our real estate agent stating we had an offer.  We were able to negotiate that night (at 10:00 at night, may I add, which has given me a newfound respect for real estate agents) and just like that, our house is under contract!!  We will have a home inspection this coming Monday and will look to close on September 30.  We are so grateful to the Lord and praise Him, because only He could sell a house in this housing market in two and a half weeks!  Here is a picture of our cute house that we are going to miss dearly.





The next step in this crazy journey is nailing down a place to live for two weeks here in Kentucky (thankfully, the Lord has already provided 3 different options), finding a place to store our stuff when we have to move out, and finding a place to live in Raleigh.  We will update you as we figure everything out and are excited to see the Lord guide and direct us as we continue on this great adventure of knowing and serving Him in ministry.

One of the hardest things I have done…

Today has been a emotional rollercoaster.  I (April) stepped on campus for my first time this fall.  We traveled down to University of the Cumberlands to meet with our students leaders, hear about their plans for this semester, equip them to follow up with contacts, cast a little more vision for discipleship groups, and share with them some changes that have come about in our lives and on our team here in Kentucky.

It was so fun to see the plans our leaders have laid out for the first few weeks and just a great reminder of how the Lord is working, even if we aren’t physically on campus with them.  I think back to 3 years ago when the Lord was leading us to launch a ministry at UC.  The students had no idea what they were doing, and quite frankly, neither did we.  Fast-forward three years and not only do we have 7 leaders (and the potential of a few more) and 15-20 students involved, but the Lord is using them to impact their campus in crazy ways!!  It was also fun to hear about their summers serving the Lord all across the country and the world.  I feel so humbled and honored that the Lord has used us to lead these students and that he has graciously blessed our efforts on this campus.

However, being a part of launching a ministry and building into the same students year after year means that you become very attached to them.  It reminds me of Paul, when he planted churches throughout the world, and then left them to do the deed while he moved on to plant a church elsewhere.  Here is what he wrote to the Thessalonian church after leaving them:  “We always thank God for all of you, mentioning you in our prayers.  We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.  For we know brothers, loved by God, that he has chosen you, because our gospel came to you not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction.” (I Thess. 1:2-4)

As I read this, I empathize with Paul, and know that although he has moved (is moving) on, his heart is still with them.  Today, we shared with our leaders that we will be moving to Raleigh, NC for Ed to help lead a missional team reaching out to campuses in Eastern NC.  My heart broke seeing them tear up because, honestly, I was feeling the same thing.  I know that ministry at UC will continue because the Lord is one who is causing all the growth and good things to happen.  I know that they will continue to grow personally, graduate, and serve the Lord for a lifetime.  I know that there will be a staff person coming down regularly to coach and disciple them.  But knowing these things doesn’t keep your heart from hurting over the change.  I can honestly say these students are like family and leaving family is never a fun thing.  I can also honestly say that telling them about our decision is one of the hardest things I have done.  Just another reminder of how ministry is the most rewarding yet the most challenging thing all rolled up into one.  Please pray for them and us as we make this transition.

If this is hard, how will I ever be able to send Kinsley off to college or send her out to live life not under our roof?  Whoa, good thing I have many more years to figure that out!!

August Craziness

August is always a busy time for us.  We get back from the summer (usually we have traveled the whole summer), want to see our friends, get everything unpacked, get our house in order, and then AUGUST CRAZINESS begins!

What is August Craziness?  It is our RUSH (for sororities/fraternities), our tax season (for accountants), our cold season (for doctors).  Our schools all begin within a week or two of each other, typically, which means we are running for weeks straight trying to get everything ironed out and in working order.  But it is all SO good.  We love meeting the incoming freshmen, getting the chance to share the Gospel like crazy, connecting with all our student leaders/students and hearing about their summers serving the Lord, and seeing how the Lord is moving before school even begins.  Each year, there is so much excitement because we cannot even imagine the great things the Lord is going do that year.

On top of all of this, we put our house up for sale about a week ago!  We have had 4 showings so far, some really good responses, and another showing already scheduled for tomorrow.  Selling this house is so much different than selling our last house…I guess that is what happens when you add a toddler to the equation!  Please pray that the Lord brings the right buyer and sells our house quickly!!

Here is a cute photo of Kinsley in her “new” (I love yard sales!) toy.  She is obviously really happy to be home!