Our Life in Pictures

I can’t not even believe that it is already November – and a week into it, at that!  October (or the end of it) was filled with lots of fun activities for both us and the kids. Get ready for the influx of pictures!

Emerson turned 7 years old on October 25!  She requested Shake Shack for dinner, a chocolate cake with pink and blue icing topped with Shopkins, and a family trip to Laser Bounce to play the arcade games (aka spend lots of money to get super cheap prizes). This girl is so full of fun and personality and makes friends everywhere she goes. She is good at almost everything she puts her mind to. She is also the kid that God is using the most to sanctify me, as we are so different in many ways and so alike in others (like our sharp tongue!). Even during the hard days, I am so thankful she is a part of our family! Check out the sweet, sweet card Blake made her in school (technically, he made her a card everyday for 3 days preceding her birthday) – his teacher said he worked so hard on it!

Speaking of Blake, one morning, while I was getting ready to leave for a meeting, he left me these surprise pictures on my phone…love this little guy!

Halloween was filled with pumpkin carving and painting and roasting pumpkin seeds…

Class parties and a book that Blake made in his class showing the Hetzel family trick or treating…

and, of course, trick or treating with friends and neighbors. Last year, they kids were dressed as Star Wars characters and while 3 of them chose it, we of course made Brynn dress as BB8 to complete the group. This year, she, at 2.5 years old, has an opinion, but thankfully, her opinion went along with the group and the kids, on their own, decided to be Toy Story characters. Halloween is SO BIG here, and while we aren’t into ghosts and goblins and scary movies, we do enjoy spending time with friends and neighbors and using it as a time to connect with others.

Then, to top off the weekend, my good friend Jane and I went for high tea at the Plaza Hotel. First, the hotel is so beautiful and you can’t enter without reservations or without renting a room, so it is hard for everyone to see. Then, the high tea is amazing. It is such an upscale, pampering experience and the food and champagne were amazing too. Thank you for pushing me to make time for it, Jane – so, so, so glad we did this – what an unforgettable memory! Though the caviar and liver I tasted could be forgotten, but I digress.

The day we went to high tea was also the day of the NYC Marathon. I had been watching the winners on TV earlier in the day, and I even texted Ed and said “I think I want to run a marathon.” When we left the Plaza, the race route was right next to the hotel. We went to cheer them on for a bit, and because we were at mile 25 out of 26 on the course, quite a few of the runners were limping, crying, and pain, and it was a great reminder of just how long a marathon is and how much of a toil it takes on your body. Not to mention the half marathons and marathons you run in training before the actual one. Needless to say, I think I may try a half marathon first. What a great reality check!

And finally, this picture makes me smile so much. While Blake may be the only boy in our family, he most definitely still has a best friend and buddy. He and Brynn are thick as thieves (well, most of the time). They walked to school the whole way (1/2 mile!) just like this, hand in hand. Be still my heart.