Update on DIY projects

As I have mentioned here before, each year I make a list of DIY projects that I want to sew/craft/make/try/etc.  This year, I am doing that with a goal of trying one each month and I am also trying one new recipe each month.  I have gotten a few months behind as things have been crazy at our house but here is an update as I have been catching up:

March – Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki, Bacon and Cheese Quiche, Stovetop Cleaner                                                                                                                April – Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread, Soap Crayons                                                    May – Fruit Pizza, Monogram Twine-Wrapped Letter for the front door

I did get to everything I had listed for March except the Stovetop Cleaner (I did buy everything for it but didn’t have a chance to use it – that counts right?).  As far as I can remember, all the recipes were good – not great, not horrible, but good and would probably eat them again.  Here is a picture of the sausage and gravy:

For April, I did not get to the bread recipe but I did the soap crayons (well, I just did them this week – better late than never).  And how did it go?  It was a major Pinterest FAIL!!  Seriously, I don’t know what I did wrong or if I even did anything wrong but what I do know…I will never try this again.  It was time consuming, the food coloring came off every time we touched them, and they disintegrated before we even made it to the tub.  I will post pictures of the soap crayons and of the bath water just for kicks and giggles.  Good thing it was soap, because you would think just from the pictures that Kinsley needed a bath after taking a bath.

My project this month is the letter for the front door.  I have bought all the materials and hope to get to it tomorrow.  I am really excited about this project and am hopeful it will turn out well.  Pictures to follow.

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