6 months already!!

We enjoyed a staff retreat to North Myrtle Beach to celebrate another year being finished and to relax together as a team before we start our next phase of ministry and traveling.  We are so thankful for wonderful campus supporters who graciously open their condo to us to use and enjoy.  Such a blessing!  We love playing on the beach, swimming in the pool, walking around Broadway at the Beach, shopping, and, what overwhelmed the majority of our time, playing games.  We are a game playing team!

Can you believe our little munchkin is 6 months old already??!!??  Whoever said that the days are so long but the years are so short was 100% right!  Days can be so fun, long, challenging, repetitious, exciting, etc.  But before you know it, they are grown.  Trying to remember this in the monotony of the day.

Let me share a few facts about our half a year old little girl, Emerson (most may not care about this but pretend to be amused 🙂 )  She is 16 lbs 15 oz, almost 26.5 inches long (I think), has very little hair, and big beautiful brown eyes.  While we don’t know the full extent of her personality yet, we do know that she is observant and loves to watch people, especially her big sister, but that she also loves to move, go, and is very independent (she could play with toys for hours – unlike Kinsley as a baby).  She is already army crawling (happened at 5 months) but has been getting up on her arms and knees to rock back and forth for a few weeks now.  Once she figures out how to move her arms with her legs, she will be gone!  She seems way more advanced for her age – probably due to having an older sibling.  She pulls a sippy cup to her mouth to try to chew and suck, she was trying to crawl way early, and wanted to eat real food like we do over a month ago.  She loves giving out smiles and kicking her arms and legs when excited, but it takes a lot of work to get a laugh out of her.

I LOVE seeing the girls interact with each other, smile and laugh at each other, and love on each other.  Kinsley wants to wake Emerson up every morning and is so concerned if she gets up from a nap or comes back from somewhere and Emerson isn’t there.  Kinsley loves to kiss her, play with her, and make her smile and laugh.  Couldn’t imagine not having two kids and watching them enjoy each other.  Yes, there is jealousy and a struggle with sharing “mommy” and “daddy”, but overall, they do great with each other.

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