So much to do…so little time….

When we talk about going to Gammy and Pop-Pop’s house (my parents), Kinsley always has so much to list that she wants to do.  I mean, seriously, their house is a dream for little kids like Kinsley.  Fishing, feeding the fish, the beach, the pool, swinging, feeding Joker (the horse next door) a carrot, going to their restaurant, seeing Granny, and so much more.  So needless to say, when we visit, there is so much to do and so little time.  We try to take pictures of her doing as much as we could but also try to balance that with not living behind the lens of the camera.

She loves catching fish (well, trying to as she is learning how to turn the rod and reel)!  My dad made this pond (enlarge the little pond that was there), raised the fish, and feeds them regularly so it is catch and release only.  She also loves feeding the fish and watching them swarm the surface.  Emerson also loves watching it all!

Up next…sparklers!  We found these gems when we were cleaning out our car recently and saved them for her.  She did a few during 4th of July last year, but this time, she really understands what she is doing and loved it!  Yes, we are in our PJ’s – we had to wait for dark which means it is almost bed time!

We do have a few more pictures of her enjoying the beach and such, but they are on Ed’s phone, and seeing as how he is Africa sharing Christ, I don’t think we will be getting those for another two weeks :).

Last time, I also shared about my Pinterest fail – well, I am excited to say that I have a Pinterest success!!  Mom was brave and decided to try this one with me and they turned out fabulous!  Not too time consuming, not too expensive, and real cute!

Like I mentioned, Ed left Monday for Senegal, Africa.  They arrived safely and we are very eager to skype with him to hear about how the trip is going so far.  Please be in prayer for their team (students and staff) and that Christ is glorified, exalted, and his name is made known amongst the Muslim students and people there!  Pray for us as we are dearly missing our daddy.  Kinsley said last night “I want my daddy back.  I want my daddy back right now.”

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