The Greatest Show On Earth

This past weekend, we did something our girls have been anticipating for a very long time – we went to the CIRCUS!  For Christmas, Ed’s parents gave us money for our whole family to go to the circus.  We knew that Blake would still be so young and it would be a risk to take him, but we were excited for our girls to experience the circus.

The few weeks before the circus, we checked out circus books for the library, so the girls loved learning about what they would see.  Then, the day of the circus, the girls could hardly contain themselves.  I don’t know if I have heard “Are we almost there?  We are going to be late (though the show didn’t start for a few hours)!” so many times before.  When we got there, we were pleased to see that we had awesome seats!  It felt like we were in the middle of the action!

The girls loved seeing the animals, the clowns, the unicorn, and the fun snacks they got to have.  Funny thing that unicorn.  Not too long ago, Kinsley and I were talking about animals and I asked her what her favorite animal was.  She said her favorite was a unicorn.  When I informed her that a unicorn wasn’t a real animal and for her to tell me her favorite REAL animal, she kept insisting unicorns were real.  Well, at the circus, she saw a horse with wings and a horn (that were added to the horse, mind you), but now she makes sure to let me know that “See, mom, unicorns are real.”  Oh, to be a kid.

My favorite part was seeing the motorcycles in the ball of steel.  I liked lots of other things, but this act was verifiably crazy.  I kept thinking, if someone messes up, they will die.  Yes, so would the man with the lions and tigers…but for some reason, they seemed crazier to me.  I think they ended up putting like 7 or 8 motorcycles in this one ball.  Are these guys nuts?!?!

Here are a few other fun pictures:

It was fun and something the girls will always remember.  Another big thing happened in our house this week?  No, Blake didn’t sleep through the night yet (yes, I know, he is only 4 weeks old) but when he does, believe me, I will shout it from the rooftops.  This getting up a few times a night thing is for the birds.

Blake did, though, turn ONE MONTH OLD!  How is that even possible?!?  Time slow down, please!  Other than a few tummy issues (aka mommy ate the wrong thing and it came back to bite her in the butt), he is a super easy baby.  The girls LOVE him and Kinsley is a great helper!  She even got him to go to sleep in her arms last night – I see babysitting in her future 🙂  We are loving seeing him awake a little more these days and the girls always ask “Are his eyes open?”  Can’t believe he is over 10 lbs now, too!  So thankful for this sweet boy!


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