The day I was almost kidnapped

Remember how I said when you blog, crazy things tend to happen to you. Case in point…..

I, along with Samantha and Jenny (two women from my team) and Sandy (staff with the Impact Movement and a good friend!) were driving home from Womens Retreat the day before the big snow was set to hit.  We stopped to use the bathroom in the middle of nowhere NC and when we saw the gas station, we knew right away there was NO WAY we could use the bathroom there (if they even had bathrooms).  So we looked around for another option and settled on going to Walgreens.

We entered Walgreens, took turns using the bathroom, and looked around a little bit, grabbing a few snacks for the road.  While in the food section (on the candy aisle), an older man who was whistling stopped and made the comment “Gotta get stocked up for the snowstorm”.  I looked at what he was carrying and he had 3 Hershey’s chocolate bars.  I, being the southern-talk to everyone-don’t meet a stranger person I am, commented back “If you have chocolate, you don’t need anything else.”  I kept walking down the aisle, looking, when he came up to me and asked if I had a good sense of humor b/c he loved to see people smile.  It wasn’t at all weird or awkward so I responded “yes, I think so.”  He then said “Well I have a joke.  Can I hold your hand?”  I gave him my hand and then he said “Do you feel the electricity?”  I said no.  He said “Oh man, my battery must have died a long time ago.”

Not funny.  At all.  But I did laugh.  He was amused and then I called Sandy over for him to tell it to her.  He did the same thing and then Sandy and I both left him laughing and went on our way.  A few minutes later, I was on a different aisle when he came up to me again.  He quietly asked “Can I ask you another question?”  I responded sure, thinking – Oh, here we go again.  He then leaned in and whispered “Have you ever been kidnapped?”  I said no (and was really unsure where he was going with that).  He then said “Do you want to be?”  I said no and immediately walked away, not looking back.  I went out into the open, found my friends, and hurried them to pay and let’s get out of there.

Okay, seriously, who says that?  And why would they say that?  I am still super creeped out by it and don’t know what it was about, other than he was crazy.  But I am thanking the good Lord that I was not kidnapped on the day I was almost kidnapped.

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