Top of the World

We traveled to the mountains this past weekend to spend a few days soaking up the scenery, refreshing our souls, and spending good quality time with my parents, brother, sister-n-law, and little niece, Johana.  Thanks to my great-aunt letting us use her place every year, this is quickly becoming an annual tradition that my family is loving.

When we arrived, Kinsley got out, looked out over the town and the mountains, and said “I am on top of the world.”  I bet to her little self it did feel that way seeing this view:

She loved grabbing the binoculars and looking out…she even found a retreat center that is huge and has towers like a castle and kept saying “The princess was inside and would come out soon.”  Oh the fun of having girls.

We loved getting to relax, play games, run around the mountainside, and spend time with family.  Kinsley loved holding and loving on Johana and did such a great job of being gentle and taking care of her.  Emerson did a good job most of the time as well, but spent more time sitting in the middle of Johana’s play mat with the toy dangling over her head than playing with Johana.  We also took Kinsley down the mountain to go tubing in the snow at this place they have set up.  She went down twice, got freaked out when she hit the wall at the end (bumpers set up like a wall), and resolved not to go again (at least this year anyways…she is already talking about wanting to go next year…oh how the tune changes so quick).  In the meantime, Emerson was playing in the snow on the edge of the tubing track and ending up face planting in the mud.  Seriously, mud everywhere.  This momma is not a be-okay-with-your-child-playing-in-the-mud momma.  I think its good for them, but my I-hate-mess self has a serious issue with it!

This was BEFORE the mud.  It is so fun to see the different personalities that the girls have.  Both are super sweet, but Kinsley is much more in-your-face look at me and wanting attention, whereas Emerson is funny, but not in a in-your-face way.  If you watch her, she is always doing funny things.  Like the sitting in the middle of the playmat with toys dangling around her, or pushing her Little People in her stroller, or putting pants on her head and towels around her neck for no apparent reason.  Seriously, she is quite funny to watch when she doesn’t know you are watching.

I am also loving seeing the girls play together, interact with each other in a sweet and fun way, and enjoy being with each other.  Check out this sweet picture Ed got of the girls – AND this was not something we set up or made them do.

The girls loved being in the snow but it was like an old hat to them after all the snow we keep getting.  Here are a few pics from our last snowstorm.  It came on so quick (the first pic was taken after only 45 minutes to an hour of snow and gave us enough good snow to make a real snowman this time.

Needless to say, I have longed for the snow like we always got in Kentucky, and now, after a few snowfalls, I feel like I am back there and am now ready for spring!!  Bring on the warm weather!

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