a week of the unexpecteds

This week has been nuts!  The craziness started EARLY Friday morning when I returned from the gym.  I walk in the door to Ed saying “You better call the babysitter.”  The babysitter that was supposed to be coming in less than two hours.  The babysitter that was coming so that Ed and I could go to staff meeting.  So back to what he was saying.  “You better call the babysitter.  Kinsley just threw up.”

So Friday, Day 1, Kinsley vomited everything we gave her.  Saturday, Day 2, Kinsley vomited almost everything we gave her, though she did manage to keep a little more liquid down.  We kept watching for signs of dehydration and while some were there, we didn’t think it was enough to justify an emergency room visit.  See, this happens a few times a year with Kinsley.  For at least 24 to 48 hours, she vomits, gets close to being dehydrated, and then turns a corner.  The past two times, we took her to the ER and were sent home because she was only borderline dehydrated and not enough to warrant IVs – $500 and 3 hours later that is.  So this time, we were determined to wait it out as long as we could and felt it was safe for her.

On Sunday, Day 3, I was supposed to travel early that morning to Asheville, NC for a womens conference with Cru and while I could have canceled my trip, I felt bad because I had committed to set up and run the tech stuff and knew that there weren’t many others who knew how to do it.  I also really thought Kinsley would turn a corner that day.  Day 3 passes with me gone and Ed on his own with the girls and while Kinsley was able to keep a little more food and fluids down, she again started vomiting Sunday evening.  By this point, we were started to get concerned.

On Monday, Day 4, after she vomited multiple times by 8:30 am, Ed dropped Emerson off at a friends house and took Kinsley to the doctor.  I was pretty sure they would send him to the ER but they didn’t.  They said she wasn’t quite dehydrated and they prescribed her some Zofran to stop the vomiting long enough to get at least 4 ozs of fluid in her.  The medicine did work, she did stop, and she did get fluids in her.  Thankfully, by the time I returned, she was up and her usual self.


I originally wasn’t supposed to come back until Wednesday, but upon looking at the weather, our 4 day conference was smushed into 2 so that we could travel back before this HUGE storm that was coming.  Thankfully, we did arrive back before the snow started today.  And start it did.  An hour after starting, we probably have already gotten 2 inches.

So yes, it was a whirlwind of a trip for me and not at all restful even though I didn’t have the kids.  Between worrying about Kinsley and trying to decide what to do for her, running sound at a conference for my first time, and having to cut the conference super short, it has been a crazy week.

In other news, we redid the girls bedroom a few week ago after getting an amazing deal on bedding and bunk beds from a friend at church.  It is super cute and I love that it is not “little girl” and they can grow into it.  I made the chevron curtains and the chevron wall patterns (chevron doesn’t show up well in pictures) and I love the way they turned out.  What do you think?  I think my model is super cute!



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