Our Life in Pictures

This has been a very, very full last weeks.  Rather than give you this long, written rundown on everything, I thought I would show you some of the fun things (and hard things) through pictures.  Be prepared for lots of them!

Daddy pickup little miss up from preschool and took her on a Starbucks date:


The other little miss trying to fill her momma’s shoes:


Shopping with mom.  It was utter chaos with them both driving their own buggies, but to not have them fight over one made it so worth it.

Blake’s hospital trip and 2 month picture, all within a few days of each other.

Going to see Cinderella as a family.  Lets just say that it will be a LONG time before we attempt to take Emerson to a movie again.  It was a good movie, though.

Enjoying that it is getting warmer with some swinging (even Blake got in on the action) and picnic snacks.

Starting to celebrate Easter with the Town of Fuquay Easter Egg hunt.  What do you do when its raining and you can’t hunt outside?  You give a cup of eggs dipped out of a bucket to each kid, of course.  Our girls loved it and even posed with the bunny, with no tears!

Lastly, the big thing at our house this week – we now have a 5 year old!!  Seriously, time slow down.  She celebrated her birthday by eating Chick-fil-a for breakfast (her favorite), having “happy birthday” sung to her by her dance class, getting to have her “favorite pasta” to eat for dinner, and having a Frozen party (which made it easy to plan with all the Frozen things she has!).  She is maturing so much and it is fun to see her sense of humor and her awareness of things and concepts develop.  She is not lacking in personality or drama and loves her siblings like crazy (though she may not always show it).  Here’s to you, Ms. I-will-be-entering-kindergarten-this-summer.

I made the cake and was pleased with how it turned out – just don’t think I will be doing them for a living anytime soon.  We ate good food, drank melted snow, danced to Frozen music, played Pin the Nose on Olaf (don’t crack on my homemade Olaf) and Do you want to build a snowman?, colored Frozen pictures, opened presents, and gave fun gifts to the friends who came.

What is this picture, you ask?  Kinsley sleeping the night of her party, with her new “My Generation” doll beside her, her new Elsa doll beside her, wearing her new Elsa gloves on her hands.  Yes, she had a good birthday.

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