I love Easter.  I love celebrating that Christ is risen because His resurrection is so central to Christianity and differentiates us from so many other religions.  I love that it means Spring is or will soon be here.  I love hunting eggs with my kids and reminiscing on how I loved doing it with my family when I was little.  I love Easter dinner and taking a day to slow down and spend it with family and friends.  Our Easter involved all of these things and so much more!

Like I showed last time, our kids had a great time going to our town Easter Egg Hunt (more like “let us put some eggs in your basket” since it was raining out) and taking a picture with the Easter bunny.

Then, our church hosted an Easter Picnic at the Pattersons’ farm.  We had a great time eating, socializing, seeing the animals, playing games, and blowing bubbles.  The scenery is gorgeous and we always love coming out to their farm as it relaxes us as soon as we get there.  Most people don’t love potluck dinners either, as it can tend to gross people out not knowing where the food came from….but for me, it is one of my favorite things.  You get variety, good food, and you don’t have to do all the work 🙂

Easter morning was filled with lots of goodies.  I am one who doesn’t prefer to spend a lot on Easter, as my memories growing up were that you only got a few small things.  However, when grandparents and parents do a basket for the kids, it amounts to a lot.  We had lots of fun opening up the bubble makers and coloring books on Easter afternoon (and the candy, of course!).

This year, it has been really fun to see Kinsley start to understand and recite the real meaning of Easter.  Between preschool, the Easter story book, the Resurrection Eggs, and our new family devotional book, she has had lots of chances to hear about Christ’s death, the empty tomb and what this means today for believers in Christ.  Until this year, she hasn’t shown a lot of evidence that she was really hearing or understanding anything we have shared about Christ, so I am very, very thankful for small glimpses of how the Spirit is working on her little heart.  I pray that one day all of our children will REALLY be able to join with us in celebrating that death has been defeated, Christ is risen, and because of that, Christ lives in their heart.  Here is our family picture after we returned from church and celebrating.

We ended the day having an Easter egg hunt with our neighbors and eating some of their bunny cake.  After way too much sugar and lots of sticky, dirty hands, mouths, hair, etc., we got a bath and called it a night.  Thank you Aunt Barbara for outfitting two of my three children with their Easter outfits – you made dressing them for Easter easy…and cute!


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