My little one year old

Seriously, when did this happen?  How did time fly so quick that Emerson is now one year old?  I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday so it seems like it shouldn’t be here yet, but here I am…reflecting on her one year birthday party and thanking God for letting me be her mommy.  So here is my letter to her (and pictures of her birthday party including the first fondant cake I have ever made thanks to my sweet neighbor Denise who went “all in” and taught me how to make it):


I remember the day we found out we were pregnant with you.  We had just went to Alex and Kristin’s wedding and knew at the wedding that we could be pregnant with a little blessing in my belly.  Sure enough, we took the test and found out that we were indeed expecting.

Then, I remember the day I had you.  Such a long labor as I tried for a VBAC (and was successful!).  I remember the sweet nurses and midwives who patiently waited for your arrival with us and I remember experiencing such joy the moment I saw you.  Having already had one daughter, I knew how much joy you had already brought but were going to bring to our family and what a delight it was to have a sweet baby girl.  You had a few rough nights in the hospital and then many more when we brought you home, but we all survived, and one year later, I can say it was all worth it.

There are so many things that you do and like that are distinctly you.  You love to snuggle and will often give us a hug “just cause”, you love to eat (and would eat for an hour straight if we let you), you love to dance and start spinning in circles when music comes on, you love to put things around your neck whether it be a guitar strap (with the guitar attached), a bookbag strap, or Kinsley’s play stethoscope, you love to chase your big sister and do anything she is doing, you love to climb, ride on things, be tossed in the air, or go fast (anything adventurous), you love to play with people but often have moments where you can entertain yourself by playing alone, you love your pacifier, you love to sleep, and you love to give people high-fives and clap.  You have no fear and take the world and everything head on and I pray that doesn’t change.  You have survived so many things your first year (RSV, many sickness and ear infections, getting run over by Kinsley’s car, falling down stairs, being pushed and hit down by your sister SO many times, etc., etc.) and it is a miracle that we have made it here!

I pray that God will draw you to Himself early in your life, that He will grow you and use you in powerful ways to bring Him glory, and that you will be a light for Him your entire life no matter what you decide to do.  You are a true miracle and we are so grateful the Lord choose us to entrust with your sweet life!

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