Seeing through their eyes

Going on adventures is so much more fun with little kids.  Seeing the world through their eyes is priceless.  Hockey games, the circus, ice skating, movies, and even going to the playground are all so much different with small ones.  Let me give you two examples from the last few weeks:

First – My good friend Jenn and I got this great Groupon for pottery painting at a place here in town and decided we would take our older girls to do it together without their younger sisters as a mommy and daughter date.  I will admit, I was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure what would happen as Kinsley has a hard time sitting still for too long (soccer is a great example of how quickly she loses focus and attention).  And I just imagined paint flying EVERYWHERE.

To my surprise, she did amazingly!  She picked out a mermaid (go figure given she is so into princesses) and I picked out a turkey and we got to painting.  She sat still for almost an hour and half painting her mermaid.  I had to let go of my tendencies towards perfection as she kept painting her face, tail, hair, and body over and over again with color after color.  We haven’t picked it up yet, but I’m interested to see what the final color turns out to be. 🙂  Here is a picture of her with her friend Katelynn.  Love that these girls have the opportunity to spend lots of time together and be the best of friends (and it doesn’t hurt that I adore and love Katelynn’s momma too!).

Second:  Every year, we go with our staff team to the fair for a staff social.  Growing up, I didn’t live in the same city as our state fair so we didn’t go often.  I love that we live in Raleigh and get to go every year.  This year was the first year that Kinsley really understood what we were doing and the fun of it before we went.  She kept raving about riding rides by herself (which we are so glad she is tall enough for this year!) and eating good, greasy fair food.  She didn’t say greasy but I had to add that part in cause we all know its true…seriously, how many foods can you fry (though the deep-fried oreos are awesome!)?

It is so fun to watch their excitement at riding rides and experiencing the sites and sounds of the fair.  Emerson loved her first time and was entertained just watching the people.  Its crazy to think that last year at the fair, she wasn’t here yet and I was trying to “walk that baby out”.  Kinsley loved riding the rides and was thrilled to try her first ever “real” rollercoaster, though she was terrified while it was going on and now says that she doesn’t like them.  Check out these fun pictures we captured of the girls and our team.

This is one of Kinsley’s favorites and Emerson tried it for the first time.  When it started, I thought Emerson was going to start crying but once she got the hang of it and saw her sister smiling and laughing, she came around and started enjoying it.

Kinsley “flying” in the ladybugs

Waiting on the rollercoaster to start.  Notice the smiles.  She just had to sit in the front row.

During the ride.  Notice her grip and her look of terror (well, you can’t see her face but you get the picture).

Sam (left) and Jenny (right) loving on Emerson.  She would have taken off walking and never looked back if we didn’t stop her.

My sweet family.  Guess how many tries it took to get everyone looking at the camera?

Our awesome staff team (with Justin, Kai’s husband, in the back – we adopt him for team socials).  I love these men and women and am so grateful to get to work alongside of them.  Praying for more laborers to add to the mix!

Up next:  Emerson’s 1st birthday this Friday!  Crazy that she is 1 already…where has the time gone?

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