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I tried one DIY thing this month (sink cleaning) and LOTS on new recipes (most have been keepers which almost never happens…I am waiting for the bad ones to kick in).  I have een on a new recipe kick because I came back from the summer feeling so tired by all of my recipes and wanting to clean out my recipe box of the “bad” seeds and fill it with the “good” ones.  Plus, call my OCD, but it has really bothers me to pin things on Pinterest and know that I will never do them, so I have been using my Pinterest recipe board for inspiration.  So, hang on for the ride as I fly through (sorry I didn’t take pics for all):

How to make your stainless sink shine



The verdict:  Not worth trying again.  While it worked, it involved a WHOLE lot of steps.  I think my Lysol and paper towel cleaning works just as well.  Thanks, but no thanks.

Peanut Butter Swirl Bars (printed this from

I had this recipe in my recipe box and though I hate peanut butter (I know, I could I?), I held onto this one to try for Ed sometime as he LOVES peanut butter.

The verdict:  They weren’t the prettiest things but Ed liked them.  He said to hang on to the recipe, but it wasn’t an all-time favorite.

Freezer-Friendly Homemade Pizza Dough 

The verdict:  LOVED this!  It was as good, or better than, store bought dough and it was quick, cheap, and relatively easy to make.  The only extra step versus store-bought dough was that you had to use the bread machine first, and then you do the same steps.  This is my new go-to for homemade pizzas.

Homemade Freezer Biscuits

Verdict:  They were good.  I love that you can put them in your freezer and then pull them out, thaw them, and cook them.  I don’t know that I prefer this over store-bought flaky biscuits, but it works.

Crockpot Cheesy Spaghetti

Verdict:  This recipe was okay and I decided against keeping it.  If a recipe isn’t cost efficient and is too time consuming, I won’t keep it.  I will say you have to do all the same steps to put it in the crockpot just as in the oven so putting it in the crockpot doesn’t save time.   So, overall, I felt the cost and time involved didn’t justify it.

Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread

Verdict:  I tried this recipe when Ed’s parents came to town and it was so brave of them to be my guinea pigs.  This recipe was cost-efficient and wasn’t super hard to do, but I didn’t make as much as I thought it would (though it still seemed to go a long way).  Ed’s dad LOVED it and went back for seconds, thirds, fourths, etc.  It is very similar in taste to monkey bread (which is our family Christmas morning staple) so of course it was good to us.  Would I make this next time or just do monkey bread?  Not sure yet.

Knock Off Betty Crocker Brownie Mix

Verdict:  My mouth is watering just remembering them and writing about them.  Seriously good!  I almost think I prefer them over regular Betty Crocker brownies (might have something to do with the chocolate chips I added on top).  Definitely a keeper and so easy and cheap!

Feel free to try them and decide for yourself.  I have quite a few I want to try this month too, and then maybe I will feel like going back to my “old” recipes.  Enjoy!

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