Two things checked off

This year is flying by! I can’t believe we are closing in on Thanksgiving and Christmas already. With that being said, we checked off two things as having “been there and done that” this year.

The first check off is that soccer is officially over. Should I be sad? Maybe. Am I sad? Most definitely not!  While it was fun to watch the kids running around (when they were running and not “resting” on the sidelines), admiring the horse next to the field, getting caught up in the net, and giving each other hugs instead of kicking the ball, I will have to say that I am not one bit sad to see it go.  As for right now, Kinsley would way rather be entertaining people by singing and making up stories than playing soccer.  Maybe with time that will change.  Or maybe we will have to accept that our daughter doesn’t love the sport that we both grew up playing and loving (which is totally okay!).

We had our final hooray at Chick-fil-A this past weekend where the kids ate, got trophies, played in the play place, and got to say “go team” with their hands in the circle one last time.  If the kids had half as much energy on the soccer field as they did on the playground, we would have been way more successful scoring goals (yes, I know…it was 3 year old soccer and we were lucky they even kicked the ball with their feet rather than picking it up with their hands).  Here is a classic picture of what happened on the soccer field….Kinsley is playing “drive thru” with one of the other girls by poking her head through the net and asking her what she wants to eat.

The second thing that got checked off our list was Halloween.  We went around our neighborhood with Benjamin, our neighbor, and his mom.  Kinsley was a cowgirl and Emerson was a duck.  Both girls were cute, but Emerson’s duck costume was stinkin’ A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!!  I wish I had gotten a picture of her standing up in it as the tail and middle part were the cutest, but anytime she is standing, she is in motion and that’s a hard picture to get. We got these outfits after Halloween last year on sale for real cheap and they were well worth the $2 or $4 we spent on them!  Kinsley really understood saying trick-or-treat this year and getting candy, and she wanted to keep going and going and going until her basket was overflowing.  So who is eating all that candy?  Daddy, of course (and just a few pieces for mommy 🙂 )

Ed’s favorite part of Halloween?  Carving pumpkins.  My favorite part?  Eating roasted pumpkin seeds.  And thanks to my kind neighbor, I just got more to eat tonight which makes me a happy momma!  Ed had high hopes of Kinsley helping to carve the pumpkin but as you can imagine, she didn’t stick to it very long.  But, she did get to choose one of the designs which, as you may or may not be able to tell by the picture, was a Sofia The First (show on Disney with a little girl who is a princess) pumpkin.  Ed did a good job with it!

Now on to Thanksgiving, Black Friday (yes, its a big happening in my book!), and Christmas.  Fun times finishing out 2013!

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