Lots of Firsts

These past few weeks have been full of lots of firsts.

First #1 – First time taking care of two children by myself while Ed was gone to campus.  How did it go?  Actually, really well.  The hardest part was balancing when Kinsley was supposed to eat with when Emerson was supposed to eat, but we survived four days of just the three of us!  When Ed left for campus the first day I had Kinsley by myself after she was born, I cried and I was so bummed I couldn’t get a shower.  So, this is the expectation I had of last week.  But, surprisingly, it wasn’t like that at all.  Not sure if its because I know how to take care of a newborn, or I am good at multitasking, or because we had fun things planned that got us out the house (did I mention I took both of them to Kroger by myself the very first day it was just us three??!!?? yes i was insane, but I wanted to jump for joy when we exited the store with groceries in tow), but whatever it is, I will take it!!

Emerson is getting so big!!









First #2 – First time traveling with two children.  We traveled to Black Mountain, NC for our annual staff conference, a total of 4.5 hours with stops.  Both children did great!!  We stopped to eat and for me to feed Emerson at McDonalds (what better place to let your two year old get energy out?), both children slept in the car (which isn’t a big deal for Emerson but a HUGE deal for Kinsley), and we didn’t watch any movies that whole time!  It is so nice that Kinsley is getting big enough that we can say “go to sleep and when you wake up we will be there” and she will understand and do it.

First #3 – Kinsley’s first haircut!  Can I just say that this is a big HUGE deal??  Kinsley has been saying she wanted to get her hair cut for a while now (ever since she knew I got mine cut) and we decided to wait until we got to Greenville to take her to one of those fun “kid-friendly” hair-cutting places.  Although her hair wasn’t real long, it was real wild and getting mullet-y (which we all know is a sin in the hair world), so it was worth the time.  She did a great job, sitting so still and turning her head when the lady told her to.  After she was done, she got a sucker (its amazing the things kids will do for suckers) and a prize necklace.  She felt like such a big girl afterwards!!

Kinsley came down with the stomach bug, and while we made sure to disinfect and wash hands really well, I ended up getting it.  We are praying that Emerson stays healthy and that we are all well enough to go Black Friday Shopping.  While I don’t need a lot, I still want to go (it is a tradition and something I look forward to every year so I HAVE to) but I am not quite sure how all that will work out with a nursing infant.  I will update you on how it goes soon!

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