To Santa or Not to Santa?

This has been the big question at our house these past weeks as we have spent time in prayer, in the Word, hearing from others, and just trying to decide what we felt was best for our children.  While some people have legit reasons not to Santa, we were determined not to fall into that trend just because everyone else was without feeling a strong conviction one way or the other.  We have also seen some of those same families get so stressed out with the holidays and “doing” everything that Christ is mostly left out anyway.  So what was the verdict?

We have decided to Santa.  We didn’t feel strongly one way or another, but a few of our reasons were 1) we loved believing in Santa when we were small and were not devastated when we found out nor did we feel our parents have lied to us about everything because they didn’t tell us the truth about this (one argument I have heard) 2) while we could not believe in Santa, it would be hard because Santa is everywhere and it would be heard to try to keep our kids from telling our children that Santa isn’t real 3) we feel like we can let them believe in Santa but make Christ front and center and explain that Christ is the reason for Christmas, not Santa.

For instance, we plan on doing something that came highly recommended to us called “The Advent Event” which is a family project that has a craft, Bible verse, little story, and hand motion everyday for the month of December that goes through the whole Bible focusing on Christ.  We have heard that kids of all ages (including 2.5 year old) can enjoy it.  We also have a bunch of books that go through the Christmas story that we will read regularly and one called “God Gave Us Christmas” which talks about Santa, God and Christ but focuses on how God gave us Christmas and that while Santa is good because it teaches us generosity and care, Christ is the reason God gave us Christmas.

I am fully aware that not all agree with us one way or another and that is okay.  Feel free to shoot us any ideas you have done with your family that have been good – either regular tradition or traditions that focus on Christ.

In other news, our little girl turned 1 month old.  She is cooing, which I love to hear babies do!  She is doing well, finally starting to settle down and adjust with traveling to SC for Thanksgiving and getting sick (just in time for us to turn around and do it all again!).  It also helps that we are learning that she loves to be swaddled, held, or in the wrap (opposite of Kinsley), which makes it hard for a mommy with another child, but we are adjusting.  Kinsley is doing much better overall, both with her and just listening and obeying in general.  She loves to hold her, give her kisses, and tickle her.  So thankful for these two sweet little girls, even with the newborn crying.  Not sure who Emerson looks like yet – what do you think?

These next few weeks will be crazy with wrapping up campus, traveling, our jobs for Encounter Winter Conference at the end of the month (I do housing with can be a beast to tackle), Christmas parties (had our first one yesterday with our team which was a blast – I LOVE OUR TEAM!), a service project with our small group where we adopt a family and give them gifts for Christmas, visiting churches and ministry partners, and just continuing to adjust to life with a newborn and a 2.5 year old.  I am so excited though – I love this time of year!

Oh, and for those who want a Black Friday update – I did go shopping on Black Friday and managed to get 80% or more of our Christmas shopping done.  That was a feat considering Ed came down with stomach virus on Thanksgiving (the one day of the year I really need him to be well to watch the kids!), his dad came down with it the next morning (my backup for watching the kids since Ed’s mom was coming with me to shop), a nursing baby that I had to coordinate feedings and make sure she was asleep before I could leave (since Ed was sick), leaving my phone at home when we went to Wal-Mart (you try finding someone in WalMart with all those people and no phone), and the crazy hours of stores this year.  But, it was fun and I am already excited for next year…hopefully, it will be less eventful than this year and the stomach virus will decide to not pay us a visit.

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  1. I can’t believe Emmerson is one month old. I better get her welcome to the world present in the mail. LOL. Parenting is a constant balancing act. I think you have the right balance in place for Christmas!

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