Life with 2 —-

What is life like with 2?  CRAZY!!!  And that has been with Ed, my mom, and me helping out so I suspect it will get crazier.  But, I love my crazy life so far and love my sweet little girls.

Here is the latest update on how our family is doing with this transition:

Kinsley is starting to adjust a little better minus a few nights where she was WILD! and her tendency not to listen well anymore, especially when I am feeding the baby.  Overall, I think she is doing well and that she loves Emerson dearly (she always asks where baby is).  It is also quite comical to see all that she is picking up on – for instance, she started nursing her Daisy stuffed animal and even put the nursing wrap over them as she did it and she tried to put her finger in Emerson’s mouth to calm her as she was crying.  Can’t fault her since those are all things she has seen us do.  Waking the baby while she is sleeping is her favorite thing and one that I WILL break her of soon.

We took Emerson to her two week appointment yesterday and she has gained almost a pound from her birth weight (it is over a lb from what she weighed when we left the hospital)….I didn’t think it was possible to gain that fast but apparently you can!  Needless to say, she is doing well and overall, is sleeping well at night, even doing 4 to 4 1/2 hr stretches at night.  She is still having some gas issues (mostly just when I eat yummy but bad-for-baby stuff like garlic) and spit-up at some meals, but the doctor determined it is most likely overflow.  While that it is good news, it means I have to continue to give my washer the workout of running daily to wash all the clothes (hers and mine!) that she spits up on.  We still can’t decide who she looks like (if you think you know, please tell us!) because while she has some features similar to Kinsley, we still think she looks different.  Who knows?

I am adjusting well, even though I am aware it will become much harder when my mom leaves (which is today…ahhh!).  Overall, I feel much more equipped this time around in the sense that I know what to do with a newborn and aren’t as scared about not knowing what to do.  Everyone says that when your baby is born, you automatically love them to pieces.  If I can be honest, i didn’t feel this way with Kinsley and felt like she was a stranger for the longest time.  But, with Emerson, it is totally different and I can say I did feel that right away, mostly because I know how much I love Kinsley and enjoy her and am and will feel this way about Emerson.  This helps the adjustment to feel like I am not taking care of a stranger.  I will have both kids most of next week while Ed is on campus and then we will start traveling for Thanksgiving and while I have some fun things planned to get us out and social, you can ask me then how I am really doing 🙂

Here is a picture of our family we took for our magnet….my mom did a great job and it turned out great!  I love the scenery (it looks like we were photoshopped in) and love my sweet family!  And here is another one of my mom with Kinsley – again, a great pic!

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