Ice, Ice Baby

This week has been full of lots of fun!!  But don’t take my word for it…let the pictures tell the story.

I know this picture is blurry, but I wanted to show you Kinsley’s favorite part about being a big sister (and having a little sister and not a little brother).  She gets to dress her up like a princess!!

 Painting for her first time with a paint set she received for Christmas.  She loved it!  She “painted” Cinderella’s castle (funny thing, we could kind of see it).  Then, we went to the Children’s Museum on MLK day.  Good idea, because it was nice to see Kinsley loving it since she is older and more aware than the first time we went.  And courtesy of Ed’s parents, she got a membership for Christmas.  Bad idea, because every kid in Raleigh was there since there was no school in session that day.

The weather is crazy!  I know it probably is wherever you are reading this from, too.  Just last week we had warm, play outside, short-sleeve kind of weather and then this week, we get an ice storm.  Yea, just ice other than a few flakes of snow.  So, when Kinsley saw those first few flakes of snow and then lots of ice, she said “I need to go outside” and proceeded to get her winter clothes on (don’t worry, this isn’t what we would actually dress her in to go outside).  She was very proud of herself.  But regardless, we are enjoying the white, even if it is just ice.  Here is a few pics so you can enjoy it too!















The other big thing this week, little miss Emerson is 3 months old!  Seriously, where has time gone?  It feels like she should only be a month old or something.  She loves to be talked to and to talk back, giving out big smiles, laying flat and kicking up a storm, eating (she is way bigger than Kinsley at this age), getting a bath and splashing everyone that’s around her, and being swaddled.  She is sleeping about 7-9 hours straight most nights (last night was not like that so I am sipping coffee as I write 🙂 ).  She is so sweet and such a blessing from God!  We love her and can’t get enough.

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