Dancing the weeks away!

As I pulled pictures off our camera and phone to write this post, I realized it has been a long time since I wrote a post updating you on our family happenings.  So, grab a cup of coffee, sit somewhere that is comfortable, put your feet up, and enjoy my many, many pictures. 🙂

Blake turned 3 months (and we have a 4 month picture a little later in the post – yes, its been that long since I posted pictures of the kids!) – he is a happy kid who loves to smile and laugh, especially at his sisters!  He is holding his head up so much better, so we upgraded him to the bumbo.  Apparently, its a tough job, because it wore him out, literally.

Back in April, we went to an activity fair/carnival at Wake Christian school.  Robin (who works at Wake Christian) and Josh, we help lead our small group, graciously gave us tons of tickets so that we could take the kids and let them enjoy everything.  There were tons of games, face painting, sand art, inflatables, a silent auction, a cake walk, lots of food, etc.  The girls had a blast and wait until you see what Kinsley won 🙂

Yes, that amazing cake was Kinsley’s surprise from the cake walk.  We went over to do the cake walk and the first cake they had up for that turn was a caramel layer cake, which looked delicious.  While we were waiting for people to join the walk and to start, we perused the cake table and saw this amazing cake sitting there.  We heard someone say that it was up for the next round, so we decided that if we didn’t win that turn, we would wait and do it the next time to try and win this cake.  We didn’t win, so we waited for the next time, which came quickly because EVERYONE signed up and wanted to win this cake.  After the music ended and they called a number, Kinsley was the lucky number 13, and she was thrilled with her prize.  Mom and Dad were too 😉

Kinsley had her first ever dance recital.  The theme was the Circus, and different classes dressed up from everything to popcorn to lions to clowns.  Kinsley’s class dressed up in the outfit above, as well as elephants.  It was the cutest thing ever!

Kinsley did really well at the recital, especially considering she had to sit through all the classes performing, which ended up being two hours.  At the end, when she got a prize from her dance teacher of cotton candy, and then flowers from us and my parents, and she kept saying “Look at what I won.  I can’t believe I won all this.  I am so impressed.”  Bless her sweet heart.

The next week, Kinsley went strawberry picking on her class field trip.  She got to learn all about how strawberries grow, when they are ready to be picked, and how they keep them warm in the winter.  She also got to enjoy some of their delicious ice cream.  I will let you guess which part of all of it was her favorite.

Last week was also teacher appreciation week, so Kinsley helped me thank her teachers.  What does everyone love?  Chocolate chip cookies, of course.  The teachers loved them and said they were addicting….yes, I bet they were.

Last weekend, we loaded up the whole family and traveled to Greenville, SC to visit with ministry partners and meet a few potential ones.  It was a quick trip that was jam packed, but we got to visit with quite a few people.  This little man turned 4 months old while we were gone.

He now weighs 16 lbs 12.5 ounces (86 percentile), is 61% for height, and 83% for head.  He is almost rolling over but can’t get that big head around!  He is sleeping like a champ through the night in his crib and napping 3-4 times a day.  He loves his sisters, but definitely has a special bond with Kinsley.  In this picture, Ed and I couldn’t get him to smile, so we called Kinsley over, and she did it right away.  We love this little chunk of love!


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