Southern Women’s Show

It has been a hard last few weeks for our family, so when my friend Kristin offered me tickets to the Southern Women’s Show through her blog, I jumped on it!  Have you ever been to a Southern Women’s Show?  If you haven’t, you should, at least once in your life.

Food, Fashion, Shopping, and so much more!  I grabbed my friend Keri, strapped on little man, and to the show we went!  I know I said many times “I didn’t know something like that even existed”, “that is so cool”, and “what in the world?”  This was one of those “What in the world?” moments:

The things we do for beauty – this is a station where women were paying $79 to have their teeth whitened.  They had guards put in their mouths that held them open for the light to shine on them.  Yes…”What in the world?”  Needless to say, I just stood and laughed at them.  Sorry if you were one of those people I laughed at.

There were big giant blow up bugs to advertise pet exterminator, there were racks and racks of bras for sell in the Belk department, and there were stations advertising a type of jewelry cleaner where they cleaned your rings (I definitely took advantage of this one).  Everything from Thirty-One to Essential Oils to Benefit beauty makeovers to PDQ restaurant food.  I am a sucker for people selling things (sometimes), so I almost was suckered into buying something called MoYou (which is basically nail art which looks like french manicures and other designs – really neat but asking way too much!) and dips that came in all kinds of flavors (thankfully Keri convinced me that $5 per pack was just too much to pay!).  Moral of the story, unless you want to spend lots of money, bring a frugal friend to talk you out of things! 🙂

The food samples were amazing, we had fun watching the chef cooking competition and the runway show, and we laughed tons.  Blake even slept the whole time, only waking up while we were getting samples at the end.  Just like a man – sleeps and only wakes for the food.  We had a great time and would love to go back in future years – especially when its not all new and overwhelming.  You should check it out too – just know if you get your teeth cleaned, I may be watching laughing.

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