State Bound!

Big changes are happening in our house this next year.  No, we aren’t leaving staff or moving or having any new babies.  But, we will be transitioning.

When we moved to NC 3.5 years ago, we moved here to work as part of the Eastern NC team, specifically for Ed to help co-lead that team.  We have a huge heart to reach smaller campuses because 1- these campuses normally don’t have any ministries on them, especially evangelistic ministries and 2 – Ed and I went to a smaller college and are so thankful someone took the time to reach out to them.  We have loved our team doing that here in NC and have seen the Lord move in amazing ways, which we could talk about all day.

That being said, we also see the need to reach bigger universities and the manpower that is required to run these types of ministries.  This next year, we are excited to grow in our ministry skills by getting to be a part of the NC State team, along with continuing at Campbell University (in partnership with our church)!  Altogether, Cru at NC State has over 800 students involved and over 150 student leaders.  It is a vibrant ministry where lives are being reached and changed with the Gospel.  From weekly meetings to Bible studies to sharing the Gospel to conferences to the Barn Party to women’s retreats, it seems like something is always happening.  We are excited to be working on East Campus along with a few other staff members, and to see what it is like to do ministry on just one campus.  And, being that NC State is a hub school where many NC students (and students from abroad) come to school, we are excited to see the impact these students can make during school and after graduation.

The exception to that will be that we will continue what the Lord has started through our church at Campbell University.  At Campbell, there are 10-12 guys involved and 4 girls, two Bible studies (and potentially a third one starting), and we have made inroads with quite a few non-believers (a few of these are even involved in Bible study).  We are excited to continue in partnership with our church at Campbell towards the goal of everyone knowing someone who truly follows Christ.

We are spending this month tying up loose ends on campus, meeting with current ministry partners and trying to raise some new support, taking a little vacation, and then next month, we will take sabbatical as planned.  In July, Ed will attend our national staff conference in Colorado (I am staying behind to be with Kinsley during her first week of kindergarten!) and then upon returning, we will only have a short amount of time before campus kicks into full force.  Please pray for our family through this transition and that God will continue to work through us to turn college students into Christ-centered laborers.

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