Whose Birthday is it?

Since Ed’s birthday was March 12 (the big 3-0!) and since we had a free babysitter (we were in Georgetown working on Ministry Partner Development for part of the week – thank you mom and dad for keeping Emerson!), I decided to surprise Ed with a trip to see the Stingrays play hockey for his birthday.  We decided to take Kinsley as we knew she would love it.

We started the evening by going to eat at the Kickin’ Chicken in Charleston.  So yummy!!  Ed and I feel in love with this restaurant when we were leading summer projects in Charleston and so we jump at any chance we have to eat there.  After eating there, we headed to the game.  When Kinsley first saw the ice, she was really excited but then she kept saying “I play too” and couldn’t understand that she couldn’t go out there with them.  Eventually, she settled into everything and enjoyed the game.  Well, as much as a almost 3 year old can enjoy the game since they can only sit down for so long and have a hard time following the hockey puck.  She did like getting a hot dog, a balloon thing, and her face painted.  Then, after the game, we picked up some yogurt at Menchies, a self-serve place and ate it on the way home.

On the way home, Ed said “Whose birthday is it?  Mine or hers?”  Oh, and did I mention that we still have sprinkles in our car from her eating that ice cream on the way home?

So last week, I showed you how Kinsley put Mrs. Potato Head’s glasses on Emerson.  This week, it was the bunny ears.  So the saga of “What will Kinsley put on Emerson?” continues.

The last day we were there, Kinsley caught a virus of some sort (at least thats what we think it is), so last night and this morning, I am comforting a baby girl who can’t keep anything down and feels terrible.  She hasn’t used the bathroom since yesterday at 1ish (it is 7:30 am now) so I am a little worried that she may be getting dehydrated. Please pray she gets better and is able to keep some fluids down.  Welcome to cold and flu season (and virus season evidently).

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