Consignment Junkie

It is one of my favorite times of the year?  Why, you ask?  Because spring is on its way and temperatures will soon be getting warmer?  Because it is almost Easter, and we get to celebrate that Christ is risen and has overcome death?  Because it is time for your birthday?

While all of those things are true, the real reason is because it is consignment sale time!!  I love garage sales (yes, I am one of those), clearance deals, thrift stores, and consignment sales.  I would not say that I am cheap and love to get something for nothing – I just love being a good steward of what the Lord has given me and seeing how far I can stretch a dollar.  I have to admit I get a little high when I find a really good deal!  With kids constantly outgrowing clothes and two girls that are not wearing clothes in the same season, consignment sales are a great place to stock up (especially when I don’t get to garage sales as much as I would like because having two, with one of those being a little, makes it a LOT harder).

So, if you want to know where the really good consignment sales in Raleigh are, or if you want to join in with me, let me know – I am happy to share my not-so-secret secrets.  And if you see me out and about at garage sales early Saturday morning, just wave but know that I may be too busy shopping to even see you.  🙂

In other news, we stumbled upon a kid’s workshop at Home Depot this past weekend.  We went Saturday morning to pick up a few things and we saw kids painting and doing crafts in the back.  Kinsley was all about wanting to paint, so we took her over and learned they were making picture frames and wooden race cars.  Of course, she wanted to join in!  I had read that they did things like this for the kids, but it was way fun trying them out for ourselves.

Here is Kinsley completing the project and her finished look:

And I have to include this picture, just for kicks and giggles.  Poor Emerson – she just never knows what is going to happen with Kinsley as her big sister (that is Mrs. Potato Head’s glasses).

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