Where did I go?

Wow! In the many, many years that I have been blogging, I took my biggest hiatus ever last month. I usually try to post once a week or every 10 days, but this time, it was a full month. Why?

Besides the normal Christmas chaos that adds to things this time of year, I felt unusually overwhelmed. Taking on the team leader role and the extra meetings that required, taking on the role of registration and student housing coordinator at our annual Winter Conference for 900+ students and staff, organizing a Christmas party for our church’s neighborhood small groups, planning a Christmas party for our small group, being one of the class moms for 3 of my kids, reading and preparing for a seminary class I am taking this month, and just normal Christmas happenings. I am high capacity, but oh man. I don’t normally struggle with saying no or having boundaries, but I did realize in the midst of it all that I got some things put on me that I never actually said yes to. Such a great lesson to learn. And, I had really been processing with the Lord about learning how to step out in faith and do things that I didn’t know if I would excel at and in the meantime, learning to drop some balls knowing I couldn’t juggle everything. Well, He met me there. I didn’t clean my house for almost two weeks – if you know me, you would know this is for sure a dropped ball.

Needless to say, blogging was another ball I dropped. The desire was there but the time wasn’t. So, now that some things are off my plate and others have calmed down, I am going to pick back up where I left off, kind of. In lieu of making this a super long post covering the last month, I am just going to share a chunk of pics to describe our last month.

New Life (church) small group’s neighborhood party – so much fun!

Class and Church performances

Exploring the city with my good friend Ellen who came to visit us for a few days

Good friends here in NYC are hard to find. Love these ladies and all the joy they bring to me life!

Getting caught in the madness that is Rockefeller Center during Christmas with family.

Enjoying The Frozen Experience at Saks Fifth Avenue AND getting to meet Elsa and Anna at the end

Enjoying the city sights and windows during Christmas time – so beautiful and one of my favorite parts of Christmas in NYC!

This tree is probably my favorite ever!

Enjoying Christmas with family

And lastly, traveling to Baltimore for our annual Cru Winter Conference with 900+ students and staff. This is a picture of a few of our 14 students who traveled there from Queens – up from 5 last year – praise God!

Here’s to 2020 and jumping back on the bandwagon – fitness, discipline, eating right, posting regularly, ALL THE THINGS!!

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