Little Man is 5

So many things these days make me feel old – talking with college students who weren’t alive for 9/11, hearing a song on the radio and realizing it is considered an “oldie” but yet you jammed to it as a teenager, explaining to your kids what a pay phone is – but nothing makes me feel older than my kids getting older. Blake turned 5 this week and I literally can’t believe how fast he is growing up!

On his actual birthday, we took cupcakes to school and read a book with his class and played fun games like limbo and the chicken dance. Then, we celebrated with a spaghetti dinner (his choice), more cupcakes, and opening presents. It was a tiring day, as evidenced by the picture of him passed out in our bed wearing his new Batman robe from my parents.

Because it is a milestone birthday this year (can we just mention that we have kept him alive for 5 whole years?!?), he got to have a party with friends. He chose to do it as Laser Bounce, where they have a ball pit area, a bounce house area, and an arcade. He, of course, chose to have a Star Wars party (the bad side of course!) complete with a Darth Vader cake that actually made the Darth Vader sounds. It was awesome!

This kiddo is such a blessing to our famiily!! He is so easy-going and wins hearts everywhere he goes. I love watching him tackle the world as he learns quickly, soaks up everything around him, and works so intently on whatever he is doing. He loves all things Star Wars and Ninja Warriors and can entertain himself for days just doing light saber battles with imaginary characters. He and Brynn have such a sweet relationship and he looks out for her and cares for her so well. Though I would love for him to be a momma’s boy, he is most definitely his daddy’s best friend (I guess that is what happens when you are surrounded by all girls in the family!). As I think of how far he has come past all his health issues and how he is truly my miracle baby, I am so excited to see what God continues to do in his life!

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