We have a 3 year old!

Emerson, today you turn 3 years old.  It feels like just yesterday I was enduring a super long labor to bring you into this world and you will always hold a special place in my heart being the only child that I delivered naturally.  You have such a sweet heart and are always complimenting others and asking compassionate questions such as “How was your day at school Kinsley?” and “Are you feeling better?” You will randomly look over at me (and others) and just say “I love you.”  When you love someone or something, you love them to an extreme.

For all the sweetness, you are also our troublemaker and the mover and shaker of our family.  I still can’t leave you alone or have you quiet for 5 minutes without you making a mess of something (case in point – the greasy lotion you smeared all over our bathroom and bed sheets or the finger paint you used to paint the carpet because you wanted to make a masterpiece).  You definitely need rules but don’t obey them even when you know they are there.  You love being active – running, walking, playing sports, and just being outside.  You are a huge daredevil who has no fear – from riding bigger rides at the fair all by yourself, to jumping off the blob into the lake at Fall Retreat when even college students were afraid, to riding your bike without training wheels, to swimming without a float at age 2.

You love Kinsley and want to do everything she is doing but you also aren’t afraid to put her in her place and stand up to her (hence the millions of arguments you have every day).  You have a zest and love for life and I love seeing your excitement, you facial expressions, and how you genuinely look forward to every moment and live it all out.

I pray that you will come to know the Lord and have that same passion and excitement for him that you do for other things.  I pray that you will have no fear to follow him and go where He leads you and do what He wants you to do the rest of your life.  I pray your sweet sensitive heart would allow you to love the Lord and love others in a way that shines for Him.

We are excited to celebrate with you today – no parties for you, you just want to go to Monkey Joes and jump and run around with a few friends (again, such a difference in your personality versus Kinsley’s). We are so thankful to the Lord that we get to be your parents – you have added spice and adventure and craziness and sweetness to our life that we would not have experienced without you!

You came down from nap wearing this shirt of mommy’s.  Why?  Who knows why you do half the things you do.  You are always into something or doing something crazy and mischievous.

When you crash, you crash…as evidenced by the fact that you are still holding this balloon while you sleep.

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