Too much fun!

As I was getting pictures ready for this post, I realized how much we have done in the past few weeks and man, it exhausted me.  You have been pre-warned. So, grab a cup of coffee, put your feet up, and get ready to soak in some pure cuteness.

I signed up to race a 5K with a bunch of girlfriends. It was the GiGi’s Cupcakes race, mind you, where you get a cupcake at the end of it – you burn the calories just to consume them again.  But nevertheless, we had a blast and even made some really cute shirts for the race (they say “5K Mommy – 3.1 miles of peace and quiet” 😉 )  The family enjoyed coming to cheer me on, and it also didn’t hurt that Anna and Elsa were there to paint faces and meet the eager kids.

After the race, Ed and the girls went to our Fuquay Varina Fire Station’s open house.  They had a great time riding on the fire trucks and getting to meet Smokey the Bear.  Complete with painted faces!

We had our last soccer game this past weekend.  I am a little sad it’s over, but Kinsley is not sad at all.  She said she is ready to do ballet again and no more soccer.  This mommy who played soccer in high school is sad about that.  She definitely struggled with being aggressive, running, and playing in the cold and heat, which are all essential parts of soccer – bless her heart.  I have to keep remembering that she is only 5 and who cares if she doesn’t have a sport she loves or even if she doesn’t like sports at all.  Say it with me, let it go.

We love going to the fair every year and seeing the girls experience it.  This year, Emerson was big enough to ride some of the rides by herself with Kinsley and she LOVED it.  That girl has no fear inside of her. Like none.  Kinsley would be scared and Emerson would be all smiles.  When Blake starts riding, I think we may have to take out a loan for the price of tickets…geez, they go fast.  Little man had a good time in the stroller just watching the people…I could do that all day too 🙂  On a side note, when did Kinsley start posing for every picture…who taught her that?

It is so funny how the Lord makes people and kids so different.  Case in point – for their birthdays, Kinsley wants a party with everyone wearing princess dresses and all the attention on her – Emerson, on the other hand, wants to just go jump at a bouncy place with a few friends.  Forget the party, she just wants the action.  So, thats we did.  Even Blake got in on the action.

Then, we went to Chili’s to eat food, cupcakes, and open gifts.  I love these pictures of Emerson opening her gifts.  She has such a love for life and is so excited about anything and everything.  In these pictures, notice her face – no matter what gift she opens, she has the same face and is super excited.  Sweet girl.

Here is her showing off her backpack and sunglasses while waiting for her sister at the bus stop.

And last, but not least, we have been gearing up for the fall and Halloween.  First up, carving pumpkins.  The girls picked out the designs, helped dad clean out the pumpkins (yes, they actually did help), and then helped carve them (no, they didn’t help much – by this point, their attention span was gone!).

For Halloween, Kinsley wanted to be a mermaid, Emerson wanted to be a pirate, and we decided to dress Blake up as Mr. Smee.  They wanted Ed and I to be Captain Hook and Tinkerbell, but that was a no go.  Dressing up at Halloween is not in my giftings as a mom.  They had a blast getting candy and walking around with our neighbors.  Emerson kept saying “this is so much fun”. Our neighbor dressed up as a warewolf…what a creepy costume!

Fun was had by all.  Poor, sweet Emerson keeps saying “Halloween is coming up”..bless her heart.  She can’t comprehend that Halloween has already passed and Thanksgiving is next.  Until next time….

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