Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

If you read the title of this post, you get the idea.  Waiting for little girl to make her appearance is the story of our life right now.  Yes, there are lots of other things going on in our life, but this is the overwhelming thing.

Her official “eviction” due date is this coming Tuesday, October 23 but because I made progress early on (36 wks) we expected for it to come sooner.  And it hasn’t.  Just proof that no one can predict what the Lord has planned and when she is going to decide to come.  We are enjoying this time as a family of 3, but we are also really excited to meet her and hold her and introduce her to Kinsley.  Kinsley constantly talks about the baby, so we think she is excited too!  Please pray that I would progress, that the midwives will have wisdom as to what to do next (should they need to make that decision with us), and that she would come soon!!  I am planning my schedule full this week hoping that I will have to cancel and knowing that I will be busy and occupied if she doesn’t come.

We made another trip to the fair this week with our staff team.  We told Kinsley that she could only ride two rides (we figured watching her ride rides wasn’t our staff team’s idea of fun…especially since all of them are single or married without kids) and after giving her a few choices, she choose to use both of her rides on the merry-go-round.  She loves waving as she comes around to us!  What is it with kids loving anything that spins them – from office chairs that you spin them in to merry-go-rounds?  Here are a few pics of us at the fair the second go-round, including one of her touching my belly, which I love!!









This is Kai.  She helps co-lead the team with Ed and is also a dear friend of mine (even before we joined this team!)





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