Random Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving (late!)!!  I am so thankful for SO many things – Jesus and what He did for me on the cross, my family, my friends, this call the Lord has placed on our lives, health, and the list could go on and on. But, I am also thankful for so many little things. As I reflected on those the last few days, I thought I would share some of those little things –

I have heard time and time again that your kids will one day be big enough to help you with all the work that comes with more kids. Ya’ll, we have begun to hit that spot and I am so thankful!  Kinsley asked me recently if she could help with washing dishes – which isn’t one of her normal family responsibilities or chores. Sure, I said. And she did a great job! Here she is hard at work –

Last weekend, we traveled to the Adirondacks to Camp of the Woods for our annual staff conference. We had two lady teammates ride with us – so I was thankful that overall, the kids did great. I was also thankful to look over and see this view. In the midst of lots of arguing and tattle-telling and pinching and calling names, I am thankful for sweet moments of love amongst them.

While I definitely don’t feel like we have an abundance of friends here, the Lord has provided a few really good ones. One of these friends shares my love for putting together puzzles and we have agreed to trade out puzzles so we both get to do new ones. So thankful for this sweet graciousness of the Lord to provide a way to affordable enjoy my hobby while in the city. And for good friends!

The night before Thanksgiving we ventured into the city to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons blown up. We did it last year and though the lines were long, we felt it was definitely worth it. This year was no exception. I am so thankful for where we live and getting the opportunity to do cool things like this – our kids will forever treasure these memories. Here were a few of our favorites. Pictures are courtesy of Kinsley who made it her job all night to photograph the balloons 🙂

For the record, these balloons are HUGE. The Paw Patrol float gives you an idea of just how big with us standing right in front of it.

After my mom’s flight getting canceled a few weeks ago, I was hesitant to get my hopes up about my mom and dad getting here for Thanksgiving. Thankfully, they made it!! Though the trip was quick, we LOVED having them here, spending Thanksgiving with them and my brother who lives in Manhattan, and getting to spend Black Friday in the city – eating delicious food in Chinatown, browsing the shops at Union Square, letting the kids play at the playground at Union Square, and admiring the Christmas windows of the shops on Fifth Avenue. The kids also loved making gingerbread houses with them and getting to put up our Christmas tree with them.

Though, note to self, do not hire Kinsley and I to make your gingerbread houses. See Mom, Emerson, and Blake working so hard on theirs? Kinsley and I kept knocking ours down so we resorted to just eating it instead 🙂

We are so thankful for so many things and I pray that attitude doesn’t stop just at Thanksgiving. That as we enter the Christmas season, with all the hustle and bustle, we will be thankful for the little and big things.


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