Highs and Lows

One popular icebreaker that we like to do with our college students is something called “Highs and Lows”. Every week, or even just once, we like for them to share “What was a high thing (or something that was fun or made you happy this week” and “What was a low thing (or something that was sad or made you upset this week”.  We love that it gives a glimpse into their week and also what makes them happy and/or sad. So, this week, I am going to share my highs and lows. Lets start with the highs…

HIGH – Really good time with family and friends

As I was thinking back through this week, I realized how much good quality time I have had with good friends and our little family. Last Tuesday, a dear friend of mine and her mom came and picked me up in their CAR (as in, they drove out of their way, brought an extra car seat, helped me get Brynn’s car seat in, and away we went) and we drove out to Long Island to go to Ikea and Chick-fil-a. Not only was it fun to get out of the city for half a day, but I also got to buy the train set we have been eyeing for Blake’s birthday. We weren’t sure how we were going to get it since Ikea is either a 1.5 hour trek on the train or a rent car/pay $50 for an Uber one-way kind of trip. So, this was a huge blessing and not to mention, we had a great time and I love her company. And Blake loved being able to run around Ikea with a boy friend his age!

Then, I had a fun play date with a new mom. We have been trying to arrange it for months, and it finally worked out for us to get together. We met at the park and even though it was technically our first time getting together, conversation flowed smoothly and it was really fun.

Then, we had great family time this weekend (even though it was filled with lots of fighting amongst siblings) watching a Christmas movie, starting our Advent Event Christmas activity, playing at the park, and just staying around Forest Hills.

Saturday during the day, we had a birthday party for our friend and faculty advisor at St. John’s. Her son was turning 2 and we visited their apartment for the first time to celebrate with them. It was a little crazy with so many kids in an apartment, but it was super fun to see the kids have a great time and to meet some of her other friends, one of which also has 4 kids which is abnormal for this city.

Saturday night, I got to go and celebrate the birthday of one of my friends and teammates. It was super fun to meet some of her friends from Texas who were in town, to try out a well-known pizza place in Little Italy, and to just have fun “with the girls” with no kiddos around.

Then, Sunday night, one of my really good friends came over to hang out with our family, eat dinner with us, and to help Ed and I wrap gifts. Because we are wrapping gifts from both sets of grandparents and us, it was a lot! We had a great time watching a Christmas movie, talking about life and fun things, and wrapping as fast as our hands could go. And, I think I am only 3 gifts away from being done with Christmas shopping – REJOICE!

This week is just such a fun and gracious reminder to me from the Lord that even though I sometimes feel I am lonely here and even though I am far from family, I am so richly blessed with great friendships, especially considering we have only been here a year. So thankful for great friendships where i live.

HIGH – Kinsley lost another tooth!  Ya’ll, this tooth has been loose for 5 months and she has refused to wiggle it and get it out because she is so scared of it hurting, even despite losing 2 already and having survived those. I thought that we would have less drama with each tooth we are losing, but the opposite has actually happened. She finally decided to get it out when I promised her that she could get this book and pen she wanted from her school’s Scholastic book order – see, sometimes bribing isn’t bad parenting 😉 Her other front top tooth is loose – who wants to make a bet for how it will take for that one to come out?

LOW – Getting off track with Weight Watchers and working out

Ya’ll, I had been doing so, so good. I had been sticking to my eating plan, working out regularly, back to running, and had lost a little over 12 pounds and pretty much moved down a size in pants.

Then, Thanksgiving. I had planned that I would give myself freedom that day not to track what I ate and to basically do whatever I wanted. The problem? I didn’t stop there. It continued the next day, and into the weekend, and then we had to finish the cake and pie, and then it was something else. And now, a week and half after Thanksgiving, I am struggling to get it together. I am seriously so, so weak. I lack greatly in self-control in so many areas – going to bed at a decent time, eating well, working out, spending time with Jesus – ugh. But I am determined that this week is going to be better – AND, I am going to turn to Jesus for help instead of trying to do it all in my own power.

My friend texted me this morning and knowing she has been struggling too, encouraged me to join with her today to get it together. And thats what I am going to do, with the Lord’s help. Will you pray that for me? Feel free to check up on it with me and if you see me, to knock the bad foods out of my hand or tell me to quit texting or messaging you late at night. Please and thank you. 🙂

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