Our week in pictures

The past few weeks have been really fun and full.  Rather than giving you this long, written update…I thought I would give you an update in pictures.

Fall Retreat – Over 400 college students from NC State, Meredith, and Campbell. A great speaker. Amazing praise and worship. Good food. Lots of fun. Great time with the Lord and each other.  Life change.

These are the students from East Campus, the part of campus where we are working.

Rather than cabins and bunk beds, this is how a lot of the students slept.  The harder the spot to get to, the cooler it is.  This spot is pretty cool (and scary!).

The blob.  Person A jumps onto the blob and then crawls to the end.  Person B then jumps onto the blob, catapulting Person A into the water.  Kinsley was too scared to try this.  Emerson, on the other hand, jumped multiple times and was even catapulted.  That child has NO fear!!

Emerson also went down this slide multiple times.  How many times did Kinsley go down?  Big fat goose egg.

Little man has had a big month.  Not only did he turn 8 months old, he got two more teeth, started crawling really well and even started pulling up.  This picture was taken one of the first times he climbed up in his crib -his smile says “Look at my new trick mom!”

And, bad momma that I am, let him burn his little fingers on the oven. He pulled up on the oven (while I had it on) and I stopped cooking, felt it, and then let him stay there because it was cool on the outside.  Next thing I know, he started screaming bloody murder.  He had put his fingers in between the door and the oven, which, much to my dismay, is very hot.  Poor buddy blistered up on three of his fingers!

We have also been having some really fun playdates with friends.  Can I say how much I love the community we have in this city?  Blessed beyond words!

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2 thoughts on “Our week in pictures

  1. First/only children. We are a cautious bunch. I have many memories (that seem a bit traumatic) of being forced to do so many things that made me so scared on the inside. I still live in daily fear of so many things. We like to control our environments. My mom pushed but she got a point where she stopped. I wish she hadn’t but I also am glad she did. It’s tough to parent us.
    Middles are always the daredevils.

    • This is so true. It is also very, very enlightening and gives me even more insight into how she operates. She does love some control. Thanks for your input and sharing!

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