On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

School has officially begun!  Which also means so has our sprint that is the Fall Semester.  We had a survey table at a different school each day this week except for Friday (which is our staff meeting/prayer/planning day) along with a few last week.  We have also had a student leadership day, a pizza party, two info meetings, and one weekly meeting has kicked off (pictured below).  And that’s all in a period of a week and a half.  Whew! And it continues with more of the same this coming week.









As overwhelming as it all sounds, WE ARE LOVING IT!!!!  It is so fun to see students arrive on campus in anticipation of another year and for us to meet them and pray that the Lord uses the year to draw them closer to him, either in intimacy or to a relationship with Him for the very first time.  We have had amazing turnouts and while numbers aren’t everything, it is exciting to see the Lord exceed our prayer goals, our expectations, and to realize that each number is a life that the Lord can change for Him!  We look forward to sharing more about the specific things the Lord is doing in our upcoming prayer letter.  We also have some really fun stories about how the Lord is already moving in students’ lives and how he is opening doors and aligning students, faculty, volunteers, and staff to reach campuses for Him.  I even had the chance to take Kinsley with me to two survey tables this year – one at Wake Tech and one at Campbell University.  Despite a few moments, she did well and it was a blessing for me to be involved in that way!

On Saturday, we were excited for some much needed family time together and Ed set to work finishing a project that we have had “in the works” for quite some time yet (okay, maybe it hasn’t exactly been in the works unless you count sitting in my brain as a “I want to do that” soon project).  We had found a fun template for a DIY water table that would only cost around $20 to make.  Even though summer is winding down, we knew Kinsley would enjoy it and it would last into next summer and through multiple children.  Here is how it turned out:






She loved it and did not want to leave it to take a nap.  She actually just saw me putting this picture on here and said “Please, Water, Please, Water”.  So it looks like that is what we will doing this afternoon!!

Last night, I also hosted a Pinterest party – which, if you aren’t familiar with Pinterest, is a party where everyone brings a craft they want to do and we just do it all together as we socialize.  It was lots of fun as we did a little bit of crafting and a lot of socializing.  I did get a little bit of scrapbooking done, but I also learned a lot from other mothers about how to (and not to) educate your child on sex education.  Ok, so we talked about lots of things, but the stories, both funny and embarrassing, are what I remember!  Thanks ladies for making it memorable!

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  1. Love reading your blog April! Didn’t know if you knew or not, but we are moving to the Raleigh area in the next couple of months, and I’d love to hang out… and come to one of these Pinterest parties!!! Hope you’re doing well!!!

    • Thanks Haley! I did hear that but didn’t know if you were already here or not. Let us know if we can help in any way…and lets get together soon!

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