Finding what works for me…

If you have been around me for an extended period of time lately, then you have heard this, so bear with me.  I love being organized and having a clean house.  I don’t freak out if it isn’t (unless its for a LONG period of time and then I may get a little anal about it) but I strive to have a clean house – not for anyone in particular, but just because I love looking around and knowing things are clean and I don’t have mountains of stuff to clean.

But, with that said, I have always been one who likes to clean my whole house in ONE day – there is something rewarding about everything smelling clean, looking clean, and being clean (even if it only lasts for a few hours – especially with kids).  So when I have heard about people cleaning a little each day, I have thought “well, I am glad that works for you, but not for me”.  But lately, with the combination of back to school craziness beginning, being 8 months pregnant, and running after a 2 year old, I have begun to realize that my days of being able to devote hours to cleaning my house in one day are over (or about to be over).

So, when Crystal at recommended a chore planning system by Motivated Moms (, and announced that it was on sale for her readers, I decided to take the leap from cleaning all in one day to doing a little at a time.  After being on this for about a month now, I LOVE IT!!!

Here are my top reasons – 1) I do a better job cleaning what she has listed because I only have a little to do each day  2) even Ed has commented that while our house never got really, really dirty before, it now feels consistently more clean, and I totally agree  3) she throws in things that I have such a tendency to forget to do (or forget to do as often as I should) such as cleaning blinds, changing the A/C filter, changing ours and Kinsley’s sheets, cleaning refrigerator, changing hand towels, dishcloths, kitchen towels, etc. and she even throws in spring cleaning tasks every once in a while so you don’t really have to do that if you are following what she has 4) when we are having company that is planned for (or those that unexpectedly stop by – which I love), I don’t feel like I have to find a day that week to stop everything and clean real good –  I may just have to do a few extra chores the day before and 5) I like 20 minutes a day versus 3-4 hrs every week or two.

For some people, having a list to check off would stress them out.  For others, this is just the thing they need and that works for them.  And for me, in this season of my life, this definitely works for me.  If you are interested, check it out – I have a feeling you will be glad you did!!

And here is an updated picture at 33 weeks – I finally remembered to take one.  Is it bad this is only the second one I have taken of me this pregnancy?  This shirt makes it hard to see just how big I am getting – but believe me, I am growing exponentially every day (okay, maybe not that much – even though it feels like it).  I will try to post another one soon!

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