This past week, I have thought many times of updating our bog.  But, as you can see, it hasn’t happened until today.  Why?  I finally got sick.  While I managed to dodge all the vomit-can’t eat sickness that Ed and Kinsley got a while back, I wasn’t able to dodge this nasty cold.  And by cold, I don’t mean, sneeze a little, cough a little, give it a day cold.  I mean the achy, throat hurting, have no energy to get off the couch for a few days cold.  Praise the Lord it happened on the weekend when Ed could tend to Kinsley.

With that being said, I feel like all I did last week was survive.  I will share some highlights from the week.  One of these was from today, but hey, since I was out of commission the end of last week, it counts :).

1.  I was able to go to campus at Wake Tech and meet with a student and our faculty advisor to plan out the rest of the semester.  I also challenged two girls to join with us as leaders at their schools – Wake Tech and NC Wesleyan.  This was fun as it is an answer to prayer that the Lord raise up leaders at all of our schools.  This is still an ongoing prayer that I would love for you to join with me on.

2.  I completed this new craft project for Easter (thanks Pinterest!)  It called for a square vase but given that I have five ten laying around the house, I couldn’t see buying another one.  I was actually really pleased with how it turned out.  I got the flowers at Michaels when I had a coupon for $5 off $5 or more, which made them free.  The peeps and jelly beans cost about $4 total.  Not bad for a cute Easter decoration!

Did I also mention how excited I am to eat the leftover Peeps and Jelly Beans?  Seriously, Easter candy is some of my favorite – Jelly Beans, Peeps, Robins Eggs, Cadbury caramel egg.  Forgot the huge Easter dinner that fattens everyone up; just give me Easter candy!

3.  I think the biggest blessing in life this week was learning to slow down and just be.  I function every day off of a to-do list and due to feeling awfully miserable, I functioned for a few days without every looking at my to-do list.  For this multi-tasking, doing a million things a day mom, this was a huge blessing and a break. I also experienced a new appreciation for Ed as he took on the every-day tasks and let me just lay, without every complaining.  It could be because he gave the cold to me and he felt guilty.  Or it could be because he’s awesome and such a huge blessing!!

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