Living It Up

It has been an amazing two weeks having Spring Break students from around the country in town to work with us on the campuses here in NYC. I hope to share more later, but know that God did some really exciting and fun things. Just to give a quick recap, we had close to 100 students and staff travel into the city, 640 spiritual conversations were had, 259 Gospel presentations were done, and 26 NYC students prayed to surrender their lives to Christ. Ed saw 2 of those happen!

After a few crazy busy weeks, we were excited to have my mom and dad come visit. It has been nice to have family time and get to do some fun things in the city, as well as just live life with them. Here are a few highlights of what we have done:

Friday, after the girls got out of school and Ed off of work, we went with them to the NBC studios store and got to sit in a chair like they have on “The Voice” as well as sit at a desk that is like they have at “The Today Show”. Then, we wandered over to the American Girl store where the girls had appointments to get their hairs done along with their American Girl dolls. They loved getting to pick out the fun hairstyles as well as get their hair braided the exact same way. I love watching them love being pampered. They couldn’t stop smiling!!

After getting their hair done, we ventured over to Black Tap Burgers and Shakes. We had to wait quite a while in the cold, but it was all worth it when we got to eat delicious burgers and let mom and dad try their HUGE shacks. So, so good!

Saturday, we went to Long Island City which is a neighborhood in Queens that sits right on the East River. We played at a playground and enjoyed the view of the city from across the water. It was cold but lots of fun! Emerson is so adventurous and she freaks a momma out. Liking to climb high and being accident prone are not good combinations. Thankfully, no broken bones that day.

On Sunday, we went to church and then spent the afternoon after naps riding bikes at our local park and making homemade pizza. Today, mom and dad headed into the city while the girls are at school to visit the 9-11 museum.

They leave tomorrow morning and we are not ready for the fun to be over. Seriously, living far from family is one of the huge costs of living here in NYC, even if our friends and church in the city help fill that void a little. If you live close to family, don’t take it for granted. I am off to enjoy them the rest of the day and look forward to this next visit!

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