Happy birthday Ed!

Today is a very special day…it is my hubby’s birthday!

I am so grateful to be journeying through this life with you and am so grateful our kids have an awesome dad who loves to get down on the floor and play with them but can also enact strong boundaries if need be. You are faithful, loyal, understanding, easy-going (most of the time 🙂 ), adventurous, servant-hearted, and fun. I love that you think the best of people when I tend to think the worst and that you are so attuned to helping keep us safe, especially in this crazy city. I also love that even after a long day of work, you come home and jump right in to the chaos, willing to help change a poopy diaper or cook dinner or help with baths or finish homework (well, until you send them to me, that is). Life is better with you in it and I am so glad you were born! I am sorry we won’t be able to celebrate until the day after your birthday but hope you feel celebrated and loved on your actual birthday anyways!

This week, we have over 70 college students from across the nation in town for their spring breaks to spend the week on our campuses helping us to meet students, share the Gospel, launch movements, learning more about the city, getting challenged to spend the summer here, etc. Because of that, we won’t be able to celebrate with Ed until tomorrow night, but we are looking forward to eating some lasagna, cheesecake, and opening presents to celebrate. In fact, the kids are so looking forward to celebrating him that it may take all I have in me to keep them from breaking out the candles and unwrapping his gift tonight.

If you ever visit NYC and have kids (or even without kids!), make sure you have time to visit the American Museum of Natural History – it is huge and could take a whole day, but it is awesome and I think their special exhibits are almost better than the museum itself. Last year, we splurged on a family membership, not knowing how much we would use it but knowing that even if we went 3 times, it would be worth our money. We have visited at least 3 times and our family loves it more and more each time. They had an amazing exhibit on mummies with the chance to see actual mummies, they have an awesome butterfly exhibit that our kids love visiting in the hopes that one will land on them, and they had a senses exhibit where you get to explore all your different senses with interactive features. This past weekend, they had a members only preview for their new Oceans exhibit. It was really neat and our kids could have spent hours in just that one exhibit exploring what is under our ocean. And the neatest thing is how much we learn each time we go. We also met our friend Marie there and got to take her to the butterfly exhibit for her very first time.

Please pray for the students on campus this week and please pray that some will decide to come back to NYC for the summer. We desperately need more students to surrender their summer and spend it with us in NYC.

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