Its A…..

We had another ultrasound today and the verdict is in!  Its a….GIRL!!!  While I am surprised (I thought it was going to be a boy because my pregnancy this time around has been so different), I am so excited for another girl in our family and for Kinsley to have a sister that is close in age.  Everything looked healthy and we got to see her move all around and even put her hands up to her face (like she was saying Oh no!) after she opened her legs and showed us nothing was there.  Kinsley has been saying all along it was going to be a girl so I will have to say, Kinsley is 1-0, I am 0-2, and Ed is 1-1 (he was right with Kinsley and wrong with this baby).

We are working on names and having a hard time this go around.  We had a boy name picked out (which we will save for the future?!!?) but not a girl name!  Please feel free to throw any pretty and unique suggestions our way!

Also, we went camping one night over Memorial Day Weekend.  We only went one night for a few reasons – 1)as a trail run to see how Kinsley would do and 2) it was really expensive to do two nights and we hated to pay that if she hated it and screamed like crazy.  Well, to my delight, Kinsley did amazingly well!  She loved biking, eating smores, sleeping in the tent (which she did well until I woke her up at 4 to put more clothes on her and she was awake for 1.5 hours), and swimming at the beach at the lake (even though Kinsley kept calling it a pond).  I definitely think it is something we will do again soon, but for more than one night.  It is a beast to get everything set up late one afternoon only to break it down the next morning – way too much work for me Ed (I did help but he did WAY more!).  It was a fun getaway and created lots of fun memories!  Enjoy the pics of our adventure!

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