An Update on our World

Just a pre-warning…this post is going to be a bunch of random and thrown together thoughts about what is happening in our lives this week.

#1 – Many of you have asked what we are doing this summer.  Since Ed took this position as a ministry team leader in Eastern NC, he is going through some training to better equip him for this role.  Normally, we would travel to either Orlando or Colorado for this training, but this summer, we are guinea pigs – meaning they are using us to try out only have the classes in Orlando for a week but having assignments, coaching groups, and webinars online the rest of the weeks.  The whole point of this is to make it cheaper and easier on families.  Because of this, I was asked to go through the training as well.  We are also working on raising some monthly support by gathering ministry partners so we can be at 100% support for the fall and be able to be on campus full-time.

While we have been working on ministry partner development (support) for a few weeks, we began the classes week.  While it has been a little overwhelming trying to balance the workload with Kinsley, support, evaluating new staff applications, and other responsibilities, it has been good to work alongside Ed in this and to hear and learn things that I can use to encourage and help him and Kai in their roles.  The only downside to all of this is that technology is very unreliable, and we have already had a number of problems with that so far.

#2 – Pregnancy is going well.  I am starting to feel better this week, with a little more energy, and not getting sick as often or having to take my medicine.  The only downfall is that when I do get sick now, I often don’t realize it until it is too late to take my medicine.  We find out what we are having this coming Tuesday and I can’t wait!  I don’t know how much Kinsley understands about the baby other than mommy has a baby in her tummy.  Yesterday, she leaned down and started talking to the baby and started saying “Baby hold.”  It was precious, at least until I had to try and explain to her that she couldn’t hold the baby yet.

#3 – We are going camping this weekend for our first time ever with Kinsley.  We haven’t camped in forever and have been dying to go.  We are just going for one night as a trail run, so please be praying that she doesn’t run away and that she enjoys it as much as we do!

#4 – Kinsley went fishing for her first time ever!!  When we were at my parent’s house a few weeks ago, we took her to their pond and let her catch a few fish with her very own fishing pole.  Here are a few pics from her first fishing experience:

So, on my next update, I will share all about our camping trip (which is sure to be a big adventure) and what our new addition is going to be (if this baby cooperates! – Ed has been doing some coaching and letting the baby know this is the only time he/she can have their legs spread open).


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