I wanna brag for a minute..

I wanna brag for a minute on my Granny.  I love her dearly.  She is the rock of our family – faithfully praying for each of us, encouraging us, loving us, leading us spiritually toward the Lord, and constantly busy doing something – either making fourteen layer chocolate and caramel cakes which she sells, doing things online (yes, this rockin’ granny is online), or crafting it up.  And all this at a not so young age (not sure how old she is..whoops)!

When we moved to NC last year, we bought the girls a new shower curtain, rug, towel set to go in their bathroom with cute frogs and monkeys.  Then, I wanted something to go on the wall right above the toilet.  I looked, and I looked, and I looked literally everywhere and I could not find anything I like.  Then I searched Etsy and found someone with the same set and because they too couldn’t find anything they liked, they painted canvases and are now selling them.  And the price?  Um..ridiculously expensive.  So what did I do?  Call my granny.  She had painted me some canvases for Kinsley’s nursery when I found something I liked on another women’s blog but she wasn’t selling them.  I bought the paints and canvases and then turned it over to her.  And here was the result.















Did I mention that she is talented?  Um, yeah.  And here is the picture of Kinsley’s nursery canvases that she did.

And here is something she gave us for Christmas this year to put soap/whatever in.











Yes, this lady could literally paint a rock.  Oh, wait, she did.

So proud of my granny for so many different things and in so many different ways.  So proud the Lord blessed me with her as my granny.

Although I don’t feel I am nearly as crafty as her (in some ways I am but not in the painting department), I have made it part of my goals for this year to do one new project each month.  That could be a recipe, a sewing project, a DIY project, or just a crafty project.  Pinterest and moneysavingmom.com are going to be my inspiration for a lot of things.

January’s project is/was homemade hair detangler (need this like crazy as my hair grows out) and slow cooker barbeque chicken drumsticks (in the crock pot as I write this).  The results of my hair detangler are:  it works great!!!  So easy to make and so easy to use.  Win Win!  Some people complained of it getting hard to spray after a few times so we will see.  Yes, in case you read the bottle, I didn’t have an empty spray bottle or hair spray bottle but I did have this empty bottle of “Love Spell” by Victoria Secret.  One thing is for sure, it will make my hair smell extra good :).






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