Happy Easter!

Easter is my second favorite holiday (behind Christmas, of course).  Why is this?

Because I love celebrating the resurrection of Christ!  Granted, I should focus on this every day of the year, but I love sharing with my daughter and those around me the meaning of this holiday and its implications for us as believers.  I love hearing the Gospel message shared in churches all throughout the country.  I love having hope that those who may not know Christ may have set foot church on just this one holiday and that Jesus may choose just this day and message to draw them into a relationship with Him. The fact that Jesus conquered death being risen from the dead means that he is ALIVE!  As our pastor pointed out, all the prophets in other religions said “Follow my teachings after I die” while Jesus said “Follow me because I am alive!”  And because He is alive, I too know death isn’t the end and I, along with everyone else who knows Him, will live with him in eternity!  Praise the Lord!

While I love Easter because it means that Christ is alive, I also love the easter bunny, dying eggs, egg hunts, Easter candy, and spending time with family.  My most precious memories of my childhood are gathering at Granny and Poppy’s house with the rest of our family after church, eating a big Sunday dinner, and then doing egg hunt after egg hunt.  The adults would hide eggs for the kids, the kids would hide eggs for the adults, and then repeat the same cycle over and over until either the kids or the adults were worn out (I will give you one guess who were the last ones standing).

This year, Ed’s family (his parents, cousins and their two kids) came to visit us.  We had a blast!!  From soaking up the sun, impromptu trip to visit yard sales, playing games, dying Easter eggs, hunting eggs, eating lots of food, watching the girls’ (including Kinsley, of course) dance, watching the kids play on the slip and slide, to just enjoying each other, the weekend was FULL!!

And, no, we didn’t all plan on wearing red.  Kinsley had this dress from my brother Alex’s wedding rehearsal dinner and since its adorable and she has only worn it once, I couldn’t see not using it for Easter.  I picked out my outfit and then when Ed finished getting ready, what do you know?  He was wearing red too.  It does make for a good picture though!

Kinsley had a pretty rough weekend sleeping and just being grumpy over all.  We think its teething but aren’t sure.  One thing is for sure, we are really glad to get life back to normal around here and get her feeling better!

We pray you had a Happy Easter too!


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