Can she be 2 already??!!??

I can’t believe that Kinsley is 2 already!  Time really does fly by!  For her birthday, my parents came into town so we had a really low-key celebration with them.  It started with Ed and my dad spending the day before her birthday putting together her BIG present (a swing set)…it took 6 hours or so, but she loves it so much that every morning she has been waking up early and wanting to go “out” before it’s even light outside.  My parents gave her a sandbox, which she also loves, so between the swing, slide, and sand box, she wants to spend all of her time outside!

Then, on her birthday, she had her two year doctor appointment (complete with a shot!), which we made up for by taking her to Chuck-e-Cheese.  She enjoyed watching the characters sing and riding the rides, but I do think she was a little overwhelmed by it all.  After eating at Chuck-e-Cheese, we returned to our house for cake and a few presents (thanks Granny for the adorable outfit).  It was so fun this year as she knew what to do with a cake and how to open presents, and really understood the concept of it being her birthday.

So, to celebrate her 2 year birthday I am going to share some of Kinsley’s likes, dislikes, and things we absolutely adore about this sweet little girl.

Likes:  DANCING (to upbeat music), babies and being the momma, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, pushing her grocery cart or stroller all around the house, people (definitely gets this from her daddy),  reading (especially her “Jesus Storybook Bible”), anything sweet to eat, being outside, helping momma around the house, and watching “Alvin and the Chipmunks”.

Dislikes:  vegetables (she is not a great eater!), being woken up from her nap, having to sit still, being told no and not getting her way (she is 2, after all), and not having all the attention on her.

We are so blessed by the Lord to have the pleasure of raising this sweet little girl to know and love Him with all her heart.  She is talking more and more these days, which we love, because it allows us to see more and more of her sweet and sassy personality.  She is a nurturer, caring for her babies and everyone around her but she is also the life of the party, being quick to dance and entertain for anyone who will watch her.  I also love the random sweet moments when she stops and snuggles with me or runs over to give me a huge hug and kiss for no reason.  Underneath all of that personality (which the Lord did not hold back on when he made her), is a sweet, gentle little girl who we pray will come to know the Lord at an early age and follow Him as He guides her and leads her down the path He has for her life.  Happy birthday sweet baby girl!

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