Finally, an Update

It has been forever since I have posted.  Truth be told, our life has been pretty uneventful other than the normal – messy but exciting ministry, preschool, chaotic life with two littles, and loving life with friends.  But, in the spirit of promising to keep you updated, here are a few highlights:

Baby Blake Update – I had my monthly appointment this past week and had to take the glucose test.  I always dread this drink based on what everyone says about how bad it is, but, if I have to be honest, its not that bad – tastes like fruit punch to me.  I was sure I would fail the test and have to go back for the three hour test (because that is just how this pregnancy has gone), but I passed the first time around!  His heartbeat sounded great and they measured me to make sure my uterus is growing, which it is.  While I consider this a good sign, the midwife was sure to caution me that my uterus could be growing even though he isn’t, so we would have to wait until my ultrasound in two weeks to be sure.  I also got fussed at about my weight gain this time around (meaning the last four weeks since I had been in).  I knew I had gained, and she counseled me that what “goes on my lips, shows up on my hips”.  I would love to say this has been encouraging me to eat better the last week, but who am I kidding?

The Girls Update – Emerson is speaking up a storm these days and makes sure to repeat everything we say – yes, everything.  She is also adjusting more to her sister being at school two days a week and loves to go on walks with me during that time.  Kinsley is still loving school and has been doing well with behavior (if you know anything about our past struggles, you would know this is a BIG deal – I was honestly scared she would be the kid to get kicked out of preschool).  It has also been fun to see her learning to interact and play better with other kids, to see her learning fun things like fire safety and calling 911, and to hear her singing songs and talking more about Jesus.  Funny story – Ed has been teaching her our address in case she ever has to call 911 and instead of saying “East Academy” she says “East A Cavity” – seriously adorable!  She is also still enjoying dance (though I am not sure it is something she will continue on with next year) and was thrilled to be picked as the “line leader” last week (every kid gets a turn and she has been anxiously awaiting hers).

While I was gone out of town on our women’s retreat this past weekend, Ed took the girls to the Fire Station for their annual open house.  The girls loved riding in the truck, squirting the hose, and getting all kinds of goodies (who knew pink fire hats existed?!?).

Us Update – I had a great time at our annual church women’s retreat.  It was great to be surrounded by so many fun and godly women and to spend time studying the names of Jesus.  And who can pass on having meals fixed for them and not having to clean up afterwards?  It is my goal every year to see a bear, and this year was a no-go.  I opted out of hiking and choose to sleep instead, so I knew it would be hard to see a bear from inside my room.  What can I say – sleep won out for the pregnant lady.  I also started discipling a girl at Campbell and that has been a real highlight for me so far.  It has been a while since I have been able to make a commitment to disciple someone, but something that has been heavy on my heart, so I am glad that it is happening now!  Things at Campbell have been going really well (see our latest newsletter for some of what has been happening), so that has been a highlight for me the last few weeks.  Ed’s mom came to visit for a few days and to help while I was at the Ladies Retreat, and it was fun to spend time with her (and restful might I add). I also got to shop at a consignment sale this past week with her, which is always a rush and a huge highlight – things you need for half the price of buying it new – definitely a highlight!

Ed had jury duty this past week and with me leaving for the women’s retreat, we were really concerned he wouldn’t be able to take care of the girls (hence his mom coming in).  He ended up being released after just one day, which was a blessing because he has so much on his plate.  We also had a big event this past week, a fellowship dinner in Fayetteville to raise money for our campus account.  It was the first one of its kind at that location and over 140 people attended.  We were able to see a good bit of money come in for our campus account, which was definitely an answered prayer.  All in all, Ed has been extremely busy and though the first six weeks of the fall are over, things are not slowing down any.  Please pray for him as he balances so many responsibilities and tries to do everything well!

Dog Update – Bruno has definitely made himself at home and is getting more and more comfortable in our place.  He has been going to obedience classes – they haven’t quite met our expectations and the price tag we paid, but he has learned things like sit, drop, and look at me, which is a good start.  I no longer want to kill him everyday so that has to count for something, right?  The girls love him and I couldn’t imagine our family without him.  Well, maybe I could, when I see his hair on the floor and remember that I didn’t think a boxer shed that much – I am way too much of a clean freak for that.

We pray that you have been doing well too!

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