Busy Weekend

This weekend was a really busy one…but really, really good.

Friday night, we had project reunion in Raleigh with the students and staff from New York City at Boylan Bridge Pub.  Food was okay, service was okay, atmosphere was great (they have an amazing view overlooking Raleigh), company was amazing.  It was a late night for the girls, but we all enjoyed every bit.

Then, Saturday morning, we went yard saling as a family (I think this is the first time we have all gone out together in a while).  We got a few good deals and then headed home to get Bruno ready for his obedience class.  Bruno officially graduated from his training classes this past week!  While he has improved quite a bit, the classes felt like a joke and a waste of money, which was really saddening to us.  It felt like every week they sent us home early and said that they couldn’t really practice it there with him and we would have to work on it at home.  Part of the reason we started the class was that he needed lots of help interacting with other dogs but when there are no other dogs in the class, that messes things up.  Either way, they graduated him and we have a certificate to prove it.

That night, Ed and I took up some sweet people at our church on their offer to watch the girls and went on a date.  Ed let me pick the movie and I choose the Nicholas Sparks movie “Best of Me.”  I hadn’t read the book, so I had no idea what to expect.  That being said, I liked that it was romantic, but was a little disappointed that it was promoting the idea of a married woman sleeping with someone from her past.  I get that her marriage stunk, but encouraging affairs and daydreaming about past relationships is not okay in my book.  Definitely not a Biblical view, but a worldly one.  Needless to say, I didn’t want to tell Ed, but I was disappointed in the movie and felt like it was a waste of a use of my “romantic movie date night card.”  The time with Ed and eating dinner together was definitely a redeeming part of the night 🙂  I am so seriously thankful for people at our church who love on us and offer to serve us by watching our girls for us to spend quality time together, especially when our families aren’t close…I love seeing the body of Christ in action and don’t know how we would do life without it, for so many reasons.

Then, Sunday afternoon/evening, we began our trek to the state fair.  This is our fourth trip to the state fair and while it feels to us like the “same old, same old”, the girls LOVED it!!  Kinsley kept raving about riding the swings at Coney Island this summer, so that is the first place she wanted to go.  Needless to say, that was her favorite part of the night.  She even ventured on another rollercoaster (despite her horrible experience riding it by herself last year), this time with Ed beside her, and actually liked it.  Emerson was also able to ride quite a bit and, not surprisingly to us, nothing scared her.  She loved every minute!  We loved looking at the balloon exhibit (made to look like a ferris wheel, garden, and many other things), decorated vegetables, the animals, and the huge 1400 pound pumpkin!

Here are a few pictures of the girls, enjoying the night:


A little blurry, but this was the after effect.  Needless to say, we were all feeling it today and needed a good day at home while Daddy was at work to recover.  Mommy had lots of coffee and pumpkin spice creamer 🙂  And, make note of this if you think we have it all together, I realized last night at the fair that the girls had not had baths since last Tuesday – yes, 5 days!!!  So, tonight, we had a nice long one to make up for it – with lots of bubbles!!

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