Final Christmas Post!!

I have been trying to write this post for a few days but was having major issues logging in to my blog…so thankful its back.  Thank you Scott Crews for keeping me up and running (since I obviously know NOTHING about the blog world other than how to sign in and write a post!)

This is the final installment of our Christmas Happenings and what our Christmas looked like in the Hetzel house!  We traveled back from Georgetown and got ready for round 2 with Ed’s family.  Our elf continued to hide in crazy places…

For the record…this post isn’t like it looks.  Alvin is not really hanging like he has a noose around his neck…the rope actually goes under his arm and he was supposed to have been the one who put Scout to the wall (since we don’t have GI Joe men or anything with guns in our house).  But, as you can see, the way Alvin has his arms makes it look like I am hanging the chipmunk and the elf won!

We started a few new Christmas traditions this year that we will definitely continue and we realized a few things we want to do differently next year.  One thing LOVED doing that WILL stay as part of our tradition is having appetizers on Christmas Eve.

We also continued our tradition of having tickets for the girls to give us so they can get on the Minivan express and go look at Christmas lights while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate (minus the hot chocolate this year as we know the van would have wore more of it than the girls go to drink).  This idea came from this site.

We loved continuing the Advent Event, talking about Jesus, and playing with our nativity set.  I love that she is finally understanding the Christmas story this year and able to tell it to me.  She even made sure to tell all our students this year at Encounter about Mary, her baby Jesus, their being no room at the inn, and the rainbow (yea…thats from Noahs Ark…haha…we will work on that one).  We also loved our new tradition of reading the Christmas Story from the Bible on Christmas morning before we open our presents.

I also loved our house this year for Christmas and that we got to enjoy it through Christmas.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Cookies and milk for Santa is a must and look at what Santa left in return.

And lastly, one of the best parts…..spending time with family!!

The girls loved their presents and especially Kinsley since she understood it all so well this year.  She really wanted a dollhouse and a baby that pooped and peed.  Ed’s parents opted out of the poop part but did go with the baby that pees.  That baby also spits up…seriously??!?!?  Don’t we already have a baby that does that?

It was an awesome Christmas and we pray that you also had a fabulous Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior!  Christ is born!!

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