Christmas Happenings #2

Just a warning…be prepared for a lot of photos!!  Thought I would share what we have been up to this Christmas through photos:

I love living in a small town where they do fun things like sleigh rides for the kids and Easter egg hunts.  Here we are riding the sleigh….Kinsley was not in the picture taking mood.

Ed took the girls to Marbles one morning while mom did some work.  They had a great time and I love that Emerson is getting into playing so much more!

Next on the Christmas to-do list…visiting my mom and dad’s house.  We are spending Christmas eve and day with Ed’s parents at our house so we went to Georgetown to “do” Christmas with my parents and to visit a few ministry partners.  Emerson came down with a high temperature a few days before we were went so unfortunately, she was sick for most of the time.  We did get to do a few fun things that are Christmas traditions – going to see the lights at James Island County Park (seriously one of the best displays I have seen…and I have seen lots!) which the girls LOVED (we even had to go through 2 times for Kinsley and we had to ride the carousel twice), opening presents, petting Joker (their neighbor’s horse), listening to all of their singing Christmas animals and gadgets (Emerson loved the chicken one in the picture and made sure to “bak bak” with it), and eating oysters (look forward to this EVERY year). Here are the pictures that tell the tales.

And where did Scout, the elf, appear this time?

And lastly, look what Ed got….a 6 pointer!  He hunted a few times when we were there at Thanksgiving and a few times this time around and he finally got one!  Deer meat in our future…yummy!!  Not a whole lot more than my man putting free meat in my freezer…other than Jesus of course!

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