Family Visiting

For Labor Day weekend, we decided to head up to Columbus, Ohio to visit Ed’s family.  Once we move to NC, we know it will be WAY harder to get to OH so we thought this would be a great chance to see everyone before we move light years away.  Ed’s grandfather isn’t doing so well, so it also gave us a chance to visit with him for what could be the last time.

We started by heading to Radnor, OH (is it even on a map??!??) where Ed’s aunt and uncle live.  We went to visit Ed’s grandfather (who is in an assisted living), Ed’s grandmother (who lives with Ed’s aunt and uncle), and Ed’s aunt and uncle.  We also went to eat at a wood-fired pizza restaurant where Kinsley had her very first experience drinking out of a straw.

Then, we spent the rest of the weekend with Ed’s cousin and her family, eating amazing food, seeing other family in town, and watching Ohio State football.  Ed loves going to Ohio and being in Buckeye country.  He almost stroked out when he discovered that his cousin Chad’s wife was offered 3 tickets to watch Ohio State play that weekend and turned them down without telling anyone.  It is his dream to watch Ohio State play in the shoe (their stadium) since he has only seen them play in bowl games in Florida.  He survived though, thankfully. Here is a picture of Kinsley in her Ohio State cheerleading outfit.

On the way back to Kentucky, we stopped in Cincinnati to see one of our graduated students who I used to disciple and who used to lead Cru on her campus.  She graduated last May, got married this summer, and is just starting a job this week.  So fun to see and hear how our students are serving the Lord after graduation and making a difference everywhere they go.

One lesson learned from this trip, I need to get way better about taking pictures.  Such a great lesson to learn!  Here’s to trying….

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